From Conway Police Department reports

Storage building theft

A 58-year-old woman reported on Friday that someone stole some items out of her storage building on Ingram Street.

The woman filed a report with Conway officers Friday morning and stated that sometime between Feb. 19 and Feb. 26, someone had broken into her storage building on Ingram Street and made off with more than $1,500 worth of items.

Among items taken were "a lot of designer clothing," four Pirelli tires and rims, a Havoc weedeater and a lawnmower.

"She stated that the house got foreclosed recently and she was being able to go get her belongings periodically," according to her statement.

Officers told the woman to contact the police department with any additional information that could aid in the case should she think of anything and gave her a report number for the incident.

Unhappy ex-boyfriend

A woman was allegedly threatened on Sunday by her ex-boyfriend when she tried to confront him about being pregnant.

According to an incident report, the 27-year-old woman went to her boyfriend's house Sunday evening to tell him she was pregnant with his child. However, when she got to the house she learned her ex-boyfriend was not there.

When she got to her ex-boyfriend's friend's house, she honked her horn as she pulled into the driveway, which is when she learned he wasn't there. Instead, her ex-boyfriend's friend came out of the home "brandishing a small black or dark grey handgun," according to the woman's statement.

"She said he approached the driver side window and put the gun to her head," the incident report reads. "[The woman] advised that [the suspect] said if she didn't leave he would shoot her and asked if she wanted to die."

The woman told officers that at this point, she left the residence immediately.

Later that day, she said her ex-boyfriend called her threatening her as well.

"She said while on the phone, [her ex-boyfriend] threatened to kill her and burn her house down," the incident report reads.

Officers are investigating the case as a first-degree terroristic threatening incident, according to the incident report.

Moving out

Officers were called out Monday to a residence on Willow Street after a 49-year-old man said his former roommate damaged some of his belongings.

The man told officers he had been staying with a friend on Willow Street for about month when the two got into an argument over money that resulted in him moving out.

In his statement, the man told police his roommate damaged some of his belongings when he put the items in the driveway.

After deciding to move out, the man told his friend he would leave the residence for the night and return the next day with a U-haul to gather his belongings from the home. His roommate texted him that night and said his things would be out in the driveway when he got there.

"In doing so, there was damage done to [the complainant's] kitchen table, wooden cabinet and bookshelf made of class and metal," the incident report reads. "[The complainant] informed me that he still had belongings inside the residence."

Officers agreed to do a civil stand-by to allow the man to enter his former roommate's home to gather the rest of his items. While on scene, the man's former roommate admitted the damage to the complainant's items as he was moving them outside.

Because the former roommate allegedly damaged the items, officers wrote out a criminal mischief report and told the complainant how he could file a misdemeanor warrant against his former roommate.