From Conway Police Department reports

DWI suspect sleeping in roundabout

A Conway man was arrested Sunday morning on suspicion of driving while intoxicated after he was found passed out in a roundabout.

According to an incident report, authorities were notified shortly before 1:30 a.m. of "a vehicle stopped in the roadway with the driver unconscious" in the roundabout at the intersection of Prince Street and Morningside Drive.

The first officer to arrive on scene attempted to wake the driver up by knocking on the driver's side window. After knocking a few times and getting no response, the officer attempted to open the suspect's door but it was locked. The officer noted he also tried the passenger side.

When the officer noticed the 36-year-old man's foot was still holding the brake and the vehicle was in drive, he began knocking on the window again in an effort to wake up the driver.

"I began knocking on the window harder until finally the man awoke," the officer wrote in his report. "He was groggy and appeared to fall back asleep until I shouted at him. He looked at me and waved and attempted to drive away. I yelled for him to stop and he did, before trying to drive away again. I yelled again and he stopped and rolled down his window, and I told him to exit the vehicle."

Once the man was identified, the officer began asking the 36-year-old if he had any medical conditions or if he'd taken any medications that would cause him to fall asleep in the roadway with his vehicle still in drive. The suspect said no to both.

When asked where he was, the suspect replied, "Hot Springs." And, when the officer said that was incorrect, the suspect said "thought he must've been in Malvern."

The suspect was taken to a gas station parking lot that was adjacent to the scene to perform a few sobriety tests and was then taken to the University of Central Arkansas Police Department to take a breathalyzer test.

"Following the Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, I determined that [the suspect] was too impaired to operate a vehicle and placed him under arrest for DWI," the officer wrote in his report. "I left his vehicle with [another officer] and transported [the suspect] to UCA Police Department to use their BAC machine. Once there, I observed [the suspect] for the [20-minute] observation time and read him his DWI statement of rights."

According to the incident report, the suspect's blood alcohol content was 0.13 — the legal limit is 0.08.

The suspect was charged with a DWI and taken to the county jail.

Truck stolen from gas station

A 36-year-old man reported early Monday morning that someone stole his vehicle from an Exxon on Dave Ward Drive.

According to the incident report, officers were called out just after 2 a.m. Monday to the J-Square Exxon on Dave Ward Drive regarding the alleged theft.

The victim said he walked into the store early Monday morning and was inside for about two minutes before walking outside to find his vehicle was gone.

"[The victim] stated that around [2 a.m.] he entered the J-Square Exxon to grab a few items," the incident report reads. "Two minutes later when he returned to the gas station parking lot, his black Chevy Silverado was gone. He stated that a possible direction of travel for the vehicle was south on Exchange [Avenue] toward the Mayflower area."

The officer noted in his report that he responded out to the gas station from Exchange Avenue and did not see a vehicle matching this description as he was headed to take the theft report.

According to the victim's statement, he did not see anyone out in the parking lot when he entered the gas station.

"[The victim] also stated that while entering the store, he did not notice any other customers lingering in the parking lot," the report reads. "This may indicate that someone drove onto the scene to commit the crime."