Veris Foundation kicks off blockchain tech solution for healthcare industry March 19 with initial coin offering pre-sale

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY — Veris Foundation, a nonprofit entity incorporated in the U.S., is launching a market-ready blockchain technology solution this week that promises to lower system operating costs in the healthcare industry by issuing its own cryptocurrency and raising money through an initial coin offering (ICO).

The ICO will be available for purchase during its pre-sale, starting at 11 a.m. March 19.

Veris Foundation’s solution is expected to disrupt the healthcare industry by using smart contracts to remove unnecessary steps in the claims process, eliminate redundancy, and reduce fraud saving time and eliminating costs up to $60 billion. The Veris ICO, has a total supply of 50 million units (ticker - VRS), with a total public allocation of 30 million units. The ICO will accept both ether (ETH) and NEO cryptocurrencies.

The ICO price is 1 NEO = 80 VRS or 1 ETH = 585 VRS.

The pre-sale offers a 20 percent bonus and will sell out at one million VRS.

The pre-sale ends at 11 a.m. March 26, and the ICO will be available to the public the first week of April.

Veris Foundation is the first U.S. based nonprofit to raise capital by issuing digital assets on a blockchain, targeted at alleviating the rising costs of information and payment disbursement within the U.S. healthcare industry by up to $60 billion.

The combination of lowering information sharing costs while increasing security and efficiency, and the stakeholder and organizational transparency required by nonprofit business structures, gives Veris Foundation and the ICO an innovative, strong platform.

Anyone interested in Veris Foundation’s coins, which are necessary to participate in the blockchain and reduce healthcare expenses for providers, offices, and participants, should visit

The pre-sale is predicted to sell out.

Conway influencers plan Central Arkansas’ first Arkansas Duck Derby

Arkansas is often revered as a sportsman’s paradise and a group of Conway influencers hopes to take advantage of Arkansans’ passion for duck hunting, while also supporting men’s health programs at Conway Regional Health System. Proceeds also benefit the Lodging Assistance and Guest House program for patient families who live out of town and need short-term lodging.

The inaugural Arkansas Duck Derby is a one-day hunt planned for January 2019 that will include teams of four hunters per team who will compete for an elaborate grand prize that can be equally divided among the team, as well as the landowner who donates property for the hunt.

Organizers of the derby have secured private land in and around the Conway area and continue to pursue participation from area landowners who are interested in hosting a hunt the day of the derby.

Hunters will be awarded points assigned to different species of ducks that are brought in the day of the derby.

Point values for different ducks will be kept confidential until all teams have returned from the hunt.

The team with the most points wins the grand prize.

Teams will be assigned their specific hunting locations through a random drawing the eve of the hunt.

“Nothing pulls guys together like a great hunt and this also is an opportunity for us to focus on men taking care of their health, a topic that men rarely discuss,” said Thad Hardin, M.D., a family practice physician at Conway Regional Medical Center Family Practice Physician and an organizer of the event Thad Hardin, M.D., said. “We are fortunate to provide comprehensive men’s health services to our community, but they do us no good if men don’t take a proactive role in taking care of themselves. So, our goals are two-fold with this event.”

Hardin joins fellow physicians Andrew Cole, M.D. and Lew McColgan, M.D. in planning the derby, in addition to executive leaders from Nabholz Construction, Conway Corporation, the University of Central Arkansas, First Security Bank, Trinity Development, JSI Partners LTD, American Safeguard Insurance, Crain Automotive, C2 Powersports & DeBoard Electronics and Simmons Bank.

Team registration will be announced at a later date and is expected to begin in the fall.

Hardin said the initiative is open to non-hunters, as well.

The community is invited to attend a banquet the evening prior to the hunt, regardless of whether individuals are participating on a team.

The banquet will include dinner, a silent auction and big ticket raffle items, the most popular of which is a “Duck Truck,” a mechanically-enhanced, wrapped truck that is popular among duck hunters.

A limited number of raffle tickets will be sold at $100 each for a chance to win the duck truck.

Other big ticket raffle items and items up for bid as part of the silent auction will be available to anyone who attends the banquet.

Sponsorships for the Arkansas Duck Derby are still available.

Sponsors who wish to register a team receive the benefit of early registration; however, registration fees are not included in the sponsorship.

A sponsorship of $20,000 includes two early bird registration opportunities; a sponsorship of $10,000 includes one early bird registration.

Landowners who would like to donate their property for the one-day hunt, and prospective sponsors, may contact Marla Hambuchen at