Guy news
by Brenda Dowdy

Well, what a weekend for the Guy Perkins Senior Boys Basketball Team and Coach Hutchcraft! He went out with a bang on his birthday with the boys winning the state Championship two years in a row. I am so proud of the boys and the fans that showed leadership, sportsmanship and integrity! You guys rock! I'm so glad to be a part of T-bird success! Once a Thunderbird, always a Thunderbird! I am so proud of our school and our town.

Happy birthday to Steve Rooney, I hope your day was great!

I went to a luncheon last week with my friends, Becky Rooney, Dorothy Stevenson,Patsy Rorie and another lady from their church. We went to 2nd Baptist church in Conway for a delicious taco soup meal. The speaker was awesome. I also saw Noreen Glover and Anna Ruth Kennedy there. We had a great visit.

Last weekend, from Thursday to Sunday, I stayed with my wonderful granddaughter and grandson while their parents went to Denver  to visit her family and her best friends Ashley and James. Landon, Madison and I had a great time Saturday night. We had a pizza party and rooted for the T-birds

I hope you all have a great weekend! Please keep Clark and Linda in your prayers.

Please send any news to me at 501-450-0395.

Centerville News
by Jennifer Freeman

There were many out last Sunday at Centerville for various trips but we still had a crowd and had a good time. Lana spoke on the importance of all of us to minister to the youth and look out for them. It takes a village and in our society, we need all hands on deck. Be the positive influence for someone, especially someone young and impressionable, every chance you can.

Congratulations are in order for Katie Hines and her soccer team as they won a tournament last Saturday. The week before, Katie received the player of the game and that is always something to brag about. Katie loves to play soccer.

Spring break is around the corner and I hope everyone gets to spend some time to enjoy family and friends. I do not have any big plans other than working around the house but that sounds wonderful. I am hoping to hike at Woolly Hollow with Buster at least one day and take a couple of day trips hanging out with friends and the kids.

This Sunday will be our monthly class analyzing a verse or story in the Bible after our service. Everyone is welcome to join and we even take volunteers to lead the class if you have something you want to share. If you have items you would like to see in the community news, email me at or send it to P. O. Box 1216, Greenbrier. Have a blessed week!