From Conway Police Department reports

Purse stolen as victim pumps gas

Officers were called out to the Murphy Oil USA gas station Tuesday morning after a woman reported a man jumped into her vehicle and stole her purse.

According to an incident report, the 52-year-old woman called authorities shortly before 8:30 a.m. Tuesday after a man allegedly jumped into her vehicle and stole her purse while she was pumping gas.

"While [the victim] was pumping gas into her vehicle, she observed some movement coming from the interior of her vehicle," the incident report reads. "She then ran around to the front and confronted an unidentified black male that was exiting her vehicle with her purse in his hand. The male jumped into a maroon vehicle and left the parking lot in a westbound direction of travel."

While the woman was unable to provide officers with a full license number for the suspect vehicle, the manager at the neighboring AT&T store was able to get the license plate number.

The woman told authorities the thief made off with her purse, cell phone and everything that was inside her purse. She was unable to provide officers with her account numbers on scene but said she would call back with that information.

Coworker becomes violent over $5

A 21-year-old man was attacked by a coworker on Tuesday over $5.

The victim went to the police department Wednesday afternoon to report the assault, according to an incident report.

In his statement, the 21-year-old man said a coworker was standing out by his car as he was leaving work Tuesday and asked for a ride home. Since it was not out of his way, the victim agreed to drop off the 42-year-old man at his home.

Before getting in his car, the victim said he took two $5 bills out of his back pocket and put them in his wallet. He said he also got his chewing tobacco out of his pocket and put the two items in his middle console. As he was headed to his coworkers house, he said the 42-year-old man began repeatedly asking him for $5.

"[The victim] explained to him that he didn't have it since he needed the money for gas and more snuff," the incident report reads. "[The suspect] started to get upset at [the victim] for not giving him the money. [The victim] advised me that [the suspect] asked another four times before stopping."

According to his statement, once the suspect got to his coworker's house, the man began asking for the money again. The victim said he would not give him the money, noting that "tomorrow was payday" anyway.

At this point, the suspect became aggressive, according to the victim's statement.

"[The victim] informed me that he was looking at the steering wheel when [the suspect] punched him in the right side of his head," the officer wrote in his report. "He advised me this is when [the suspect] grabbed his wallet out of the center console and stole the two [$5] bills."

After stealing the victim's money, the 42-year-old man allegedly threw the victim's wallet into the floorboard and began punching the victim when he tried to take his money back.

"[The victim] reached to take his money back, and [the suspect] placed [him] into a chock hold," the incident report reads. "[The suspect] then proceeded to punch [the victim] in the head. After at least four to five punches, [the suspect] exited the vehicle and proceeded to walk away."

The victim got out of his car and asked the suspect to give him back the money.

This time, when the suspect became aggressive, the victim began recording him on his phone. The suspect began punching the victim again, damaging his phone in the process. According to the incident report, the suspect also started punching the back glass of the victim's vehicle.