Fitness and smiles where key cogs during Tuesday night’s Wellness Night at Greenbrier Eastside Elementary as the school promoted wellness to students and parents.

“Wellness Night is helpful because it teaches me how to get fit and learn how to exercise more,” fourth grader Summer Henson said.

Greenbrier Eastside physical education teacher Heaven Winn said the goal was to promote health in the home.

“It is an event where we can get all of our families at Eastside to come to participate in something outside of school,” she said. “A lot of them think they will come and we will push wellness on them with health and fitness, but we actually want them to do something with their family.”

The Wellness Night featured an obstacle course where students would crawl through a tunnel, bounce on rubber balls push themselves to a crawl under a table and under wires.

From there, they would jump rope to throwing lawn darts at an “X.”

Then, students would then play “Baggo” and dribble a soccer ball through cones.

Henson said her favorite part of the course was jumping rope.

The night also featured a Crossfit session for kids.

Andrea Nichols, a parent of a second, third and fifth grader, said she is already trying to practice wellness at home.

“We have limited screen time,” she said. “We make sure the kids play outside. If the weather is good, they have to be outside. We make sure when they eat; we have vegetables with our food. I really try to promote a lot of fruits for snacks. We don’t do anything crazy.”

Nichols said she tries to get her children outside when the weather is right.

“We try to make sure we’re outside, and they love it outside,” she said. “Wednesday through Friday last week, they were down at my mom and dad’s and they live on 30 acres, so they have been outside all weekend.

“We try our best to get them outside. We camp and try to do things that are outdoors. Our boys are in Boy Scouts, so they are outdoors quite a bit.”

Winn, who is in her first year with Eastside, said she wanted to meet families and see smiles.

“Since I’m new here, I wanted to promote that Eastside is more than just what it has been in the past,” she said. “I want people to know it is for positive things. I wanted to promote smiles. That was one of the biggest things. They came in and had fun together as a family. They were going through stuff as a family.

“I want them and their families to bond together because they may go home to sit and play games if they don’t bond. I wanted to show them with these random pieces of equipment, they can move around and have fun together. The “Fit-Fam Bucket” goes home with random fitness equipment.”

Winn said the night had many community partners from Anytime Fitness, Cheer Central Elite, Pee Wee Cheer, Glow Aesthetics, Advocare and several that couldn’t make it because of the rain.

“We had people donate items,” she said. “I asked and we received so much help for this.”

Winn said she had fun and hoped the parents and students did, too.