From Conway Police Department reports

Woman smashes boyfriend's windshield

A 32-year-old man was allegedly attacked by his girlfriend last weekend after confronting her of cheating on him.

According to an incident report, officers were notified around 6 p.m. March 24 that a man had just fled a trailer park on Oak Street after his girlfriend allegedly smashed his windshield and threatened to slash his tires.

The responding officer found the victim sitting in his truck in the parking lot of TC's Midtown Grill. The officer noted "the windshield was shattered in multiple places and the driver side window had impact marks on it."

The victim was "crying and still on the phone with dispatch" when the officer first tried to speak with him, according to the incident report.

After speaking with the victim, the responding officer learned the man "discovered evidence of infidelity" on his girlfriend's phone, which led to an argument earlier that day. The man said his 22-year-old girlfriend later asked him to come by her residence but that when he arrived "something wasn't right."

According to the man's statement, as he pulled up to his girlfriend's trailer, she ran back inside the home. When she ran back outside the residence, she had a knife and "attempted to stab his driver side front tire."

As he tried tried to leave his girlfriend's residence, she allegedly jumped out in front of him and yelled, "Hit me!, at the victim, according to the incident report. The victim said at that point, his girlfriend jumped onto his truck "and began stomping out his windshield." After the woman jumped off the victim's truck, he stated she then picked up a brick and threw it at his truck before "clinging to the bedside of the truck, prompting him to stop again."

The man said his girlfriend finally got off his truck once she heard police sirens headed toward the scene.

Man allegedly harassed while walking dog

Authorities were called out to Willow Street on March 25 to take a harassing communications report.

The complainant called Conway officers shortly after 10:30 a.m. Sunday regarding a woman in the neighborhood who "was and has been bothering him for some time because he and his wife are attempting to adopt [the woman's] children." The man said that on this particular incident, he was out walking his dog when the woman allegedly began harassing him.

The Willow Street resident said the children were in the Department of Human Service's custody when he and his wife began watching over the children. Since the couple began taking care of the children, the decided to attempt to adopt the children.

According to the 56-year-old man's statement, the woman lives near the couple and makes comments such as, "How did you and my kids sleep last night?"

"[The man] said that [the woman in question] has visited his residence on several occasions as well," the incident report reads.

The responding officer confronted the suspect regarding the harassment report against her and noted the woman "was unsteady on her feet and got unusually close to me while I was speaking with her," he wrote in his report.

The officer said the woman also smelled of alcohol.

When confronted about the allegations against her, the woman did not address the officer's questions, according to the incident report.

"I asked her if and why she was bothering [the complainant]," the officer wrote in his report. "[The woman] said that she was not doing anything but sitting on her boyfriend's lap. I asked again if she had [been] bothering [the complainant] and she said no. She said, 'I'm going to sit on my boyfriend's [explicit]' and walked off."

The officer filled out the harassment report and informed the complainant how to file a warrant against the suspect and told him to try to find another route to walk his dog.