March 30

10 Years Ago

(2008) Conway Pack 400 held its annual Pine Wood Derby at the University Church of Christ. Overall winners were 3rd place, William Kelly; 2nd place, Brandon Lock; 1st place, Brandon Hobbs. All were first graders at Jim Stone Elementary.

Something Brewing coffee shop was featured in an article. The shop on the corner of Front and Mill was ten years old and had become a popular spot for coffee drinkers.

J.R. Barnett handed the reins of J.R.’s Hobby Horse on Hwy 65 over to his daughter Leah after 24 years so that he could take it easy.

25 Years Ago

(1993) Dorthuelia Woods of Conway, a member of the Pine Rose Art and Civic Club, was named president of the Central Region of the Arkansas Association of Women, Young Adults, and Youth Clubs, Inc.

Sonya Sinclair of Warren, a senior history major, and Cindy Hoyt of Conway, a sophomore theater major, were competing in the 1993 Miss UCA Scholarship Pageant.

Candyce Hogan, Carrie Beth James and Kimberly Stark, all 7, were pictured counting out daffodils for their stand on Ingram Street. The girls picked the flowers along Interstate 40 and sold them for 50 cents a bunch.

50 Years Ago

(1968) Members of Conway High School’s FHA were pictured planning for National FHA Week: Sandra Brown, Brenda Beene, Sylvia Reed, Phyliss Gilmore and Donna Nicholson. Mrs. LeRoy Summers was the sponsor.

Central Baptist College planned to break ground for a new library-administration building to be located in the northwest corner of the campus and parallel to Williams Hall. C.W. Harper, president of First National Bank; Arch Ford, state commissioner of education; C.E. (Doc) Toland of Little Rock, a member of the Central board of trustees; and Dr. Gerald Kellar, president of the college, were pictured at the dinner where the plans were announced.

75 Years Ago

(1943) Robert A McNutt, head of the McNutt funeral service and Faulkner County coroner, was named the chairman of home service for the Faulkner County chapter of the American Red Cross. Thurman Rowlett, assistant postmaster, had resigned from the position because of additional duties at the post office.

Two thirds of the victory gardens planted in the city were “up and growing” despite the recent cold and rainy weather. Plans were being considered to close stores at 5 p.m. each Tuesday in order to allow employees to work in their gardens. The other plan was to open a canning kitchen.

100 Years Ago

(1918) The Faulkner County Red Cross chapter sent another big shipment of garments to national headquarters in St. Louis. Conway sent another 157 bed shirts, 59 pajama suits, 14 sweaters, 11 helmets, 15 pair of socks, three pairs of booties, 10 chemises and 30 property bags. Naylor sent 12 bed shirts, four pajama suits, four pairs of foot warmers, and seven pairs of socks. Greenbrier sent 19 bed shirts, seven pajama suits and five pairs of foot warmers. Reeves Schoolhouse sent 17 bed shirts, six pajama suits, nine pairs of socks, seven comfort pillows and four pairs of foot warmers.