The Conway Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed Arc Welding LLC and its owner David Burnette as part of the Chamber with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Burnette said he has been welding for 16 years and opened Arc Welding LLC in 2012.

“I do everything from stainless steel in restaurants, gas pipes and anything from lawn mowers to bridges,” he said. “Nothing is too small. I try not to get too big, but I don’t reject work.”

Burnette said his family is a big part of what he does.

“I couldn’t do this without my loving family,” he said. “My wife does a lot for me.”

Burnette has already done a lot around Conway.

“Some of my clients are Moix RV is one of my biggest clients in Conway, I helped on the 127 Exit here in Conway and more,” he said. “I do a lot of restaurant work and residential fences and Moix for RVs. I do anything from horseshoe Christmas trees in the season. Really anything I can get my hands on because I feel that welding is an art, and I love doing it.”

Burnette said he doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar location, but does travel to his job.

“I’m strictly portable and mobile welding,” he said. “I do travel the entire state of Arkansas. I go to different companies and do any work that needs to be done. I go in to restaurants. They can’t shut down, so I go in the back door and do what they need me to do and I’m back out. They never know I’m there. I even grow through after hours.”

For more information about Arc Welding LLC, visit its Facebook at