During the past 20 years of my post-college life, I have relocated six times with the companies for which I have worked. In each of those relocations, I discovered things about myself that help make each move more successful than the past. Relocation can be scary and bring about anxiety and fear of the unknown. For a successful relocation, a community must be the centerpiece. Moving to a great community like Conway is the first step to an easy transition.

My family and I have called Conway “home” for a year now. This city is one of the most welcoming communities to which our journey has lead us. It is a melting pot of friends and neighbors of all backgrounds that contribute to, and nurture, a culture that is clearly open to “newcomers.” The people of Conway stand out in comparison to other cities as being welcoming and engaging at all levels. As a seasoned nomad, I hope to be a contributing member of this community and culture for a long time. I do, however, offer some learned lessons from experience on how to make relocation successful through effectively plugging in to the community.

1. Find a faith community: Getting involved with the local faith community of your choice helps connect you to people who share your beliefs and also provides a resource for getting to know the community. This extended family will offer a chance to develop new friendships and an outlet for extracurricular activities for the entire family.

2. Get to know your co-workers: Getting to know your co-workers helps you get the history of the community and especially helps you find all the great places to eat. Enjoy this time exploring the mom & pop restaurants that are famous for great food! Breaking bread and fellowship with new friends and family helps ease the stress of a new move.

3. Volunteer at your favorite charity: Plugging into a volunteer program that you are passionate about, and where you are serving others, helps keep things in perspective. Serving the community is a great way to get to know the community.

Conway is filled with people helping people. Almost daily, there is news of this community reaching out to help our neighbors. The spirit of service of this community is far beyond any I have experienced. This is a perfect match for the mission statement of Arvest Bank. People Helping People!

In addition, I would say that:

Relocation must start with a great attitude!

Be accepting of new things and new traditions.

Be adaptable to the new environment and all that a new community has to offer.

Thank you, Conway, for welcoming us with open arms of hospitality! We’re proud to call this “home.”

 Skip Colvin is the Community Bank President for Conway and Morrilton.