Greenbrier will soon see a new access street that will help alleviate traffic congestion along Highway 65.

An extension that will connect Tyler Street to Highway 225 East is expected to be completed by the end of May.

Greenbrier Mayor Sammy Joe Hartwick said the extension will come out in front of Faith Baptist Church, which will allow motorists to drive through town without ever hitting the stop lights along Highway 65. Motorists can drive through town by turning onto Linder Road from Highway 287 in Springhill. Hartwick said the extension will guide motorists directly to Highway 225 East, which should cut down the number of drivers traveling through the middle of town.

"We're hoping that's going to eliminate some of this traffic off Highway 65," he said Tuesday.

The project also includes installing a roundabout near Greenbrier Eastside Elementary School.

The roundabout will be located just east of the school and will connect Wilson Farm Road to the new extension.

"This inclusion will help slow down traffic near the school", Hartwick said.

Hartwick said he and other officials believe the new road will promote growth and allow more homes and potentially businesses to spread through the town.

"It's a beautiful road. It's just going to be a great addition to the town," he said.

Once motorists in the area become familiar with the new route, Hartwick said residents should see less traffic congestion throughout the day.

The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) is also scheduled to come in next year to build a new bridge along Mountain Drive.

Hartwick said this will prove to be an inconvenience during the construction of the bridge but that nearby streets will pose as detour routes to motorists. Once the project is complete, the bridge — located on Mountain Drive along Highway 25 West — will be safer for motorists.

ARDOT spokesman Danny Strassle said the project is set go up for bid next January and that he expects the project to begin "around this time next year."

"It takes four to six weeks for boots to hit the ground after a bid is accepted," he said, noting he expects construction to begin in mid-March of 2019.

A detour bridge will not be installed during the construction phase, meaning a portion of the highway will be shut down until the project is complete. The highway will be shut down just past Burkett Flat Road up to the bridge.

Hartwick said residents and other motorists will be able to use Wells Road as a detour route and that motorists coming from Shady Grove can use Sawrie Road and take Highway 225 to drive into town.

"People will adapt," Hartwick said, noting he expects the project to take about three months to complete.