GREENBRIER — The Greenbrier City Council approved a request for a special use permit on Monday that would allow a health care facility to be built by the nursing home.

Code Enforcement Officer Tim Tyler said the planning commission could not formally OK the request because code regulations require anything regarding health care go before the council.

"With the zoning [code] the way it is, we had to have a special use permit [in this instance]," he said.

Aldermen voted unanimously during Monday's regularly scheduled meeting to approve the request, which would allow architects and contractors to move forward with the planning stages of the facility. The facility will be located just east of the Greenbrier Nursing and Rehabilitation Center along Wilson Farm Road.

An engineer representing the site's future said the nursing home sold a portion of its lot for the facility, which will feature physicians and nurses separate from the nursing home that will "service both the public and the nursing home."

In other businesses, the council also approved allowing a Jess Sims Drive resident to begin roasting coffee in an outbuilding on his property.

The man says he plans to begin his own online coffee-roasting businesses featuring the Arkansas Department of Health's approval. However, given the city's current regulations, he could not begin working a businesses from outside his home without council approval.

Tyler said the Greenbrier resident currently roasts coffee out of his garage but wants to further expand and begin selling online after gaining certification from the health department.

"He would have to modify his entire garage to be certified by the health department," Tyler said as he explained why the Jess Sims resident was requesting to work from an outbuilding on his property.

Current regulations in the city state that outbuildings cannot account for 30 percent or more of a homeowner's lot.

"With this provision that he wants to add onto it, he will not exceed more than 25 percent," Tyler said. "He's still under the 30 percent rule."

The Greenbrier resident said once he jumps through all of the hoops required of him, he plans to call his business Barebottom Coffee.

The online business would not increase traffic flow in his neighborhood, he said, noting he's sought and received approval of his plans from neighbors located within a 200-foot radius of his home.

"With the roasting of the coffee, there is no customer traffic at my home," he said. "There's no signage, the business [is handled] on the internet."

Aldermen voted unanimously Monday night to allow the Jess Sims Drive resident to build onto the current outbuilding on his lot so that he can begin his businesses outside of his home.

City Attorney Dustin Chapman also noted a need to address noise and nuisance ordinances during the council's May meeting.

The Greenbrier City Council is scheduled to meet next at 6:30 p.m. May 7 in the courtroom at city hall. The meeting is open to the public.