Jon Ross Henderson is a corporate loan officer. But underneath that humble persona is a Spartan. Last year Jon Ross finished 34th in the world championship Spartan race easily elevating him into the top 1%. This guy is the definition of discipline and determination and he's found in our backyard. Listen as we break it all down on Black Dude White Dude.

Leo Cummings III

Leo Cummings III is the Black Dude of Black Dude White Dude podcast. When he isn’t recording his latest rants and rambles with Todd, Leo enjoys spending time with his wife, Whitney, and their two daughters, Charlotte and Naomi. An avid bowler and a novice golfer, Leo enjoys all things fitness, incredibly soft T-shirts (that may or may not show off the work he puts in at the gym), and peanut butter. His day job as director of member engagement at the Conway Area Chamber of Commerce helps keep the Conway native connected to the community he still calls home.