From Conway Police Department reports

Woman robbed after trying to help stranded shoppers

A woman was reportedly robbed while trying to help to suspects who claimed to be stranded at Walmart on Wednesday.

According to an incident report, the 47-year-old woman was at the Walmart on Skyline Drive early Wednesday morning when she overheard a man and woman "talking about being stranded and needing to find a ride to Russellville."

It was about 5 a.m. when the woman agreed to take the two suspects to Russellville. However, the woman stated she was at the store to activate her cell phone and told the two individuals she would not be able to give them a ride until around 8 a.m. The suspects agreed to wait on the woman to finish her business so that they could get a ride to Russellville.

The woman told police she took the suspects over to Waffle House for breakfast and allowed them to sit in her car while she finished up in the store. At one point, the female suspect walked into the store to ask the victim how much longer she would be and the woman reportedly said she was unsure of how much longer she would be inside the store. Once she returned to her vehicle, the woman said the two individuals were gone and so were two laptops that she had in her car.

The woman described the man as a 30-year-old white male who was about 5 foot and 9 inches tall, weighing about 170 pounds and the woman as an 18-year-old white female who was wearing a ball cap and was about 5 foot 5 inches tall, weighing about 115 pounds.

Conway woman repeatedly harassed by 32-year-old suspect

A 29-year-old woman reported to authorities on Thursday that a man she accused of threatening her earlier in the week was continuing to harass her.

According to an incident report, the woman called Conway police regarding around 3:15 a.m. Thursday stating the man in question "had been calling her all day and night from different numbers and [was] just breathing into the phone when she answers ... [and] that [the suspect] is also leaving voicemails of him breathing."

According to a separate incident report filed earlier in the week, the woman was allegedly threatened by the 32-year-old man in question on Tuesday.

The victim called authorities just after midnight Tuesday stating the suspect had threatened to kill her. The woman told authorities she had picked up her niece after her niece and the suspect were allegedly involved in a domestic disturbance and that she has been harassed by the 32-year-old man since.

The man allegedly told her he "wanted to get her too" and that he wanted to "blow her brains out," according to her previous statement.

The responding officer searched around the woman's house early Thursday morning after she called to file the harassment complaint "to make sure no one was around her house," according to the report.

Before leaving the woman's house, the responding officer told the woman how to file charges against the man in question.

Police locate suspect staggering along interstate

A man walking along Interstate 40 was arrested early Thursday morning on suspicion of being intoxicated.

According to an incident report, authorities were alerted of a suspicious man staggering near the westbound ramp shortly before 1:30 a.m. Thursday. When the responding officer located the suspect, the man "began walking faster, almost running but continuing to stagger" as he attempted to avoid the officer.

"I immediately smelled the odor of intoxicants about him and noticed that he had a bruised left eye," the officer wrote in his report.

The officer said he ordered the 23-year-old man to stop walking, noting that traffic "was rather heavy for the time of night it was."

Once the man stopped and allowed the officer to talk to him, the suspect explained his eye was injured during a fight with his roommate but that he did not wish to pursue charges. The officer then asked how much he'd drank that night and the man said "he had a few beers about an hour prior."

"Due to his obvious intoxication and the danger of staggering along the interstate, I placed him under arrest and transported him [to the county jail]," the officer wrote in his report.