Good morning brothers and sisters! God is good, Jesus is Lord and Savior and the Holy Spirit is our Comforter. Amen! First of all, I want to invite you to our 28th Church anniversary at Agape Community Temple of Service located at 1423 Ingram Street here in Conway. The theme for this year is "pack the pews". I want to be the first to publicly invite you to come hear what God has to say to His people through our man and woman of God, Pastor Frank Stewart and First Lady Jacqueline Stewart. Come out and be blessed on April 15th at 11:30 am.

Brothers and sisters, it's good to know Jesus and if you don't know Him, please get to know Him! After all, He is God's master plan for our lives today and the days to come. All I'm trying to say is that we need Jesus in this day and time. He doesn't need us to be God, He is already God! There is not a place in our life where we don't need Jesus. God, I thank You and I give You all the glory and honor for your Son, Jesus. God, I know Jesus is Your one and only begotten Son. I believe He took our place on the cross. I believe He died and stayed in the grave for three days and on the third day, He got up with all power in His hand. When I sit and look back over my life, I have to tell God "thank You Sir!" Even as a young man my life was broken because of alcohol, drugs, and chasing women. This was an everyday thing for me. I know some of you are saying, why is he telling his business like that so openly to everyone? Because for years I struggled with these three things; alcohol, drugs and women. In fact, we all struggle with something in our lives that we try to hide. I just want to say it is ok to be open and talk to someone about your struggles. The someone I talked to was Jesus, God's masterplan. He stepped into my life after I invited Him in. You see, you have to invite Jesus into your struggles in life. Jesus is not going to make you do anything. He is not going to break your door down and come in unexpectedly. He is waiting on you to invite Him into your heart. You see, that's the kind of God we serve. Jesus wants to help you but you have to first make Him your Lord and Savior. Invite Him into your life. You must understand that we can't do anything without Him, Jesus, God's masterplan for our life. What Jesus did for me He will do the same for you. Don't ever underestimate the power of God! God wants to do something good in your life. Once again, ask Him to come into your heart and see won't He do it! Amen...


Marcus Chandler is a longtime pastor and columnist. Contact him at or (501) 908-9507.