From Conway Police Department reports

Officers arrest man for yelling out profanity in strip mall

A 49-year-old man was arrested Thursday on suspicion of disorderly conduct after allegedly attacking a man and loudly cursing in front of Cricket Wireless on Oak Street.

According to an incident report, Conway police were called out at 6:30 p.m. Thursday to the Cricket Wireless regarding a man who "was outside the business yelling, causing a scene and had been psychical with another male customer on scene."

When officers arrived on scene, the 49-year-old suspect was sitting out on the sidewalk. The man in question told officers he must have blacked out, because he did not remember being involved in any altercations at the business.

"[The man] advised that he visits the Cricket store almost everyday," the incident report reads in part. "When I asked him about what happened today he stated that the last thing he remembers is arriving at the Cricket store and then everything went blank. He stated that he did not remember anything that happened while he was at the store."

According to the incident report, Conway officers questioned the suspect about an altercation that he was reportedly involved in prior to their arrival and also asked him for his ID. The suspect denied any knowledge of an altercation and handed one of the officers his Medicaid card and a credit card before handing over his ID. After handing over his ID, the man also began tearing up his social security card and also began yelling out vulgar comments.

The responding officers asked the man several times to refrain from cursing since they were in a strip mall where several businesses had their doors open and customers were present, noting he would be arrested for disorderly conduct if he continued to yell out profanity as they spoke with him.

According to the report, the man was arrested on scene on suspicion of disorderly conduct for refusing to stop yelling out profanity and making comments "about the government and Jesus raping him."

Conway resident reports mail was stolen

A Durham Street resident reported on Friday that he believes someone stole his mail.

According to an incident report, authorities were called out Friday morning to a residence in the 400 block of Durham Street regarding an alleged theft. Upon arrival, the victim told authorities that he believed someone stole a package that was delivered to his house.

"He stated that someone stole a package out of his mailbox," one officer wrote in his report.

According to the man's statement, a friend had sent him a package and provided him the tracking number.

"According to the tracking number, the package arrived [Thursday] at 5:08 p.m.," the report reads in part. "It was being shipped through the USPS. When he checked his mail today, the package was gone. He stated that he did not what the gift was."

Officers are investigating the situation as a theft of property incident.

Sunset Drive residence files harassment complaint

A woman called Conway police Friday afternoon to file a harassment report regarding an incident that occurred Thursday.

According to an incident report, the 24-year-old woman said two women allegedly tried to fight her on Thursday, noting the woman followed her home on Sunset Drive from a fast food restaurant.

"She stated that yesterday [the two suspects] followed her home ... and tried to fight her," the incident report states. "She said that they followed her from Rally's all the way home trying to run her off the road. When she got home, they jumped out of the car and tried to fight."

The woman said she made it inside "before anything got physical."

The responding officer informed the woman how she could file charges against the suspects before leaving her residence Friday afternoon.