Craig D. Campbell Lake Conway Reservoir

(updated 4-4-2018) Bates Field and Stream (501-470-1846) reported the water as stained and the surface temperature at 55 degrees. Water level and current are normal. Crappie are good around the shoreline and in shallow water on minnows and jigs. Bream are fair. The bream are shallow and schooling. The bass bite is ranging from fair to good, depending on the time of day. Use plastic worms. Catfishing is good. Use cut bait, live bream and goldfish.

(updated 3-28-2018) Hatchet Jack’s (501-758-4958) said crappie reports have been excellent. Best results are coming off crappie minnows and pink or orange jigs.

Little Red River

(updated 4-4-2018) Lowell Myers says that Sore Lip’em All Guide Service said the Greers Ferry Lake has returned to near seasonal pool. Hopefully we see a more favorable generation/water release schedule over the next few days for wade and drift-fishing. For fly-fishing, Lowell recommend gold ribbed hare’s ear, caddis pupa, sowbugs and streamers. Hot pink and orange bodies on chartreuse heads are recommended for Trout Magnet spin fishing. Always check before heading to the Little Red River by calling the Army Corps of Engineers Little Rock District water data system (501-362-5150) for Greers Ferry Dam water release information or check the Corps of Engineers website ( for real-time water release and the Southwestern Power Administration website ( to see forecasted generation schedule.

(updated 4-6-2018) Greg Seaton of (501-690-9166) said spring is unpredictable in Arkansas. This is in understatement if ever one was made. So far, we have gone from low water on the river to extremely high water and from cold to warm and back to cold. It is definitely not boring for a guide on the Little Red River. The Corps has informed Greg that they will request 3,000 dfs for the generation on the Little Red River until the lake reaches its normal level, which is 462.04 feet msl. This will amount to two generators running for 12 hours per day. It is now 463.04 feet msl and rising slightly due to the rain this week. The hours of generation will start about 6 a.m. and end at 6 p.m. as long as the cold weather hangs around. If the weather warms, the starting time will probably be around 10 a.m. As always, check the generation forecast before planning your trip. We had a window to fish last Saturday with mild temperatures and the bite was fair to good on size 12 mayfly nymphs and size 14 bead-head caddis emergers. The water is clear but finding a day when the generation allows a low water window to fish is challenging. We missed the heavy rain earlier this week and hopefully we will get a break in the high water by the weekend with the lake returning to normal.

Greers Ferry Lake

As of Wednesday, the Army Corps of Engineers reports the lake’s elevation at 462.96 feet msl (normal conservation pool: 462.04 feet msl Oct. 1-April 30; 463.04 feet msl May 1-June 1; 462.54 feet msl June 1-Sept. 30).

(updated 4-4-2018) Tommy Cauley of Fishfinder Guide Service (501-940-1318) said the water level at Greers Ferry Lake on Tuesday was at 462.95 feet msl and falling. It is 0.91 feet above normal pool of 462.04 feet msl, and will continue to fall with generation. The catching is on and off, hour to hour, day to day, with all the fronts coming and going through the state. Some of the crappie are in the bushes, some are on outside of bushes and some out deeper. All of them can be caught with jigs or minnows or a combination of both. No reports on bream. The black bass are chewing well off and on, getting ready to spawn; use spinnerbaits, crankbaits and plastics up shallow. In mid-depth use jigheads and jigs. The deeper fish can still be caught on a Carolina rig or football-headed jig. No report or catfish. Most of the river walleye have finished their business and headed back to the lake and the lake fish are getting more active every day; try drop-shots with minnows or grubs, and crankbaits for the best results. The hybrid and white basses are eating and scattered out throughout the lake and river systems; try throwing grubs, inline spinners and flies for the shallower fish, while the deeper fish can be caught on live bait, inline spinners, spoons and swimbaits.

Harris Brake Lake

(updated 4-4-2018) Harris Brake Lake Resort (501-889-2745) said the water is clear and the surface temperature earlier this week was 60 degrees. Water level is normal. Crappie are fair on minnows or jigs. Bass are good on spinnerbaits and plastic worms. No reports on bream. Nothing to report on catfish.

(updated 4-4-2018) Lisa Spencer at Lisa’s Bait Shop in Benton (501-778-6944) says her customers have been talking about Harris Brake on the big slab crappie on No. 4 crappie minnows. “One of my customers that has a place up there has been doing good between midnight and 4 a.m.,” she said.

(updated 3-21-2018) Whiskers Sporting Goods (501-889-2011) reports that crappie is biting great in 4-6 feet of water Bobby Garland Baby Shad in Popsicle, Shiney Hiney, Glimmer Blue, BBQ Chicken, Cajun Crickets, Blue Ice, Shimmer, Monkey Milk, crystal, bone or chartreuse, Gumdrop, Penny Back Shad and 1.25-inch Itty Bit Swim’r and minnows. Catfish are biting on minnows, worms and frozen shad. Bass are biting great on buzzbaits and minnows, lizard plastic worms, Brush Hogs and Whopper Plopper. White bass are biting on Baby Shad in Popsicle, Slap Slanger, and 1.25-inch Itty Bit Swim’r, Cajun Spin and Silver Minnow. Bream are biting well on crickets, worms and Rock Hopper.

Lake Overcup

(updated 4-4-2018) Johnny “Catfish” Banks at Overcup Bait Shop and R.V. Park (501-354-9007) said bass are doing well around brushtops and structure around the shoreline. They’re biting on plastic worms, spinnerbaits and minnows. Catfish are being caught on night crawlers around the banks. Bream are slow but should start picking up. Still catching some bream on crickets and redworms. Crappie are doing good on minnows and pink /white/chartreuse jigs around brush and grass around the shore. Water level is high by about 2 feet and clarity is good. Thankfully we didn't get any rain Tuesday.

Brewer Lake

(updated 4-4-2018) Larry Walters at Bones Bait Shop (501-354-9900) said the water is clear and the surface temperature is 58 degrees. The level is 2.5 feet high as of Wednesday. Bream are fair on crickets. Crappie are good; the fish are in 5-6 feet depth and are biting minnows or jigs. Bass are fair using shallow-running crankbaits. Catfishing is good on worms. Anyone trying creek fishing will find the water dingy.

Lake Maumelle

(updated 4-4-2018) Jolly Rogers Marina (501-868-5558) said the lake is still dropping this week and water temperature from the marina is 60 degrees and about 63 degrees at the west end. Black bass are very good. With water temps in the low 60s and on the water rise the black bass are moving to spawn areas. Try using crankbaits, jerkbaits and jigs in 4-8 feet and 10-15 feet of water. A few can also be caught in shallow water on spinnerbaits or Chatterbaits. This week, the blacks were biting more during dusk and dawn. It should be noted that Gary Bryant and Quin Minton were able to pull in five bass that weighed 12.5 pounds to win Tuesday night’s tournament, along with catching a 4.28 big bass. Kentucky bass are good, and they are still a little deeper than the largemouth bass. Try the main lake, the rocky shoreline or points with a crankbait or jig for best results. White bass are good. Fewer reports have been coming in on the whites over the past two weeks. Some anglers are saying the whites are staging. Normally the run is over by the first of April. Use Rooster Tails, CC Spoons, deep-diving Bandits, and Bombers for the white bass. Crappie reports have been slow. With the water level falling this past week it has been making it tough on the crappie bite. More reports are coming in of them being found scattered in different depths anywhere from 5 to 20 feet. No reports have come in on bream or catfish.

(updated 3-28-2018) Hatchet Jack’s (501-758-4958) said crappie are excellent. Crappie are 3-14 feet deep. Pink minnows and orange jigs are working best.

(updated 3-21-2018) Whiskers Sporting Goods (501-889-2011) said crappie are biting well on Bobby Garland Baby Shad in Popsicle and Slab Slanger as well as on minnows and 1.25-inch Itty Bit Swim’r. White bass are biting Slab Slanger, Baby Shad in Cajun Spin, and Silver Minnow. Bass are biting worms, lizards, Brush Hogs and Whopper Plopper.

Sunset Lake

(updated 4-4-2018) Lisa Spencer at Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) said it's still doing well on the catfish using almost anything from chicken livers to bass minnows and stink baits. A few good-size bream being caught off of crickets over on the far side. Bass have been caught on spinnerbaits and brooder minnows. Crappie are doing well on pink crappie minnows and No. 6 crappie minnows, as well as on Kalin's Lemon Meringue 2-inch Grubs.

Bishop Park Ponds

(updated 4-4-2018) Lisa Spencer at Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) said the front pond called Lake Norma has produced some nice bass off of red shad plastic worms. The creek that runs by it and by the back one called Lake Charles is Hurricane Creek, which feeds off of Hurricane Lake. So when it floods it brings fish from Hurricane Lake that go into the two Bishop Park ponds. The back one Lake Charles has been providing some large quantities of crappie for some anglers using No. 6 crappie minnows. Also, some small catfish have been biting on No. 6 crappie minnows and nightcrawlers. Bass been hitting plastic worms and No. 12 bass minnows. Crickets have been doing well for the bream.

Saline River Access in Benton

(updated 4-4-2018) Lisa Spencer at Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) said, “Well, I must say I am amazed for the walleye are still at their peak at the spillway and surrounding areas: Peeler Bend, Lyle Park and a couple of the forks on the Saline.” Lisa says they have been producing several numbers using brooder minnows and stick baits. The Kentucky and smallmouth bass and also largemouth bass have also done great lately using the same baits. Catfish been doing well on goldfish. Crappie are fair on No. 6 crappie minnows. Bream have been hitting crickets and redworms.

Lake Norrell

(updated 4-4-2018) Lisa Spencer at Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) said anglers are starting to catch some of the great big redear out there off of crickets fishing on bottom. Bass have done well off of Brush Hogs and flukes. Catfish have been biting around the docks off of redworms. Crappie have been slow as usual but some nice ones been caught off of No. 6 crappie minnows and Kalin's 2-inch Tennessee Shad-colored grubs.

Lake Winona

(updated 4-4-2018) Lisa Spencer at Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) said crappie been doing pretty well on No. 6 crappie minnows and Kalin's Blue and Silver 2-inch Grubs. Catfish and bass have been hitting No. 12 bass minnows. Bream been fair on crickets and redworms.

Arkansas River at Morrilton

(updated 3-28-2018) Charley’s Hidden Harbor at Oppelo (501-354-8080) said they have had a few fishermen getting out, but they haven’t had real good luck. “We still have four to six weeks for this pool to really start popping,” Charley said. The AGFC has been doing a lot of testing of the river, along with federal fisheries biologists, he said. This includes test sampling for sauger, catfish, gar, black bass. They have sampled for jumping carp and other fish not native to the river. Meanwhile, reports are that white bass are staging on creeks and river mouths. Catfish are trying to move up to jetties. Largemouth bass on warm days are sitting on jetty tops.

Arkansas River (Cadron Pool)

(updated 3-28-2018) Professional angler Cody Kelley with Best in Bass Guide Service (501-733-5282) reports that fishing is pretty good across the board right now. Things are finally heating up to the point that you can go out and really have some fun! Bass are great in the backwaters. We are right on the verge of the spawn. Try your favorite plastics and jigs around backwater wood to locate spawning bass. Some good crappie fishing is going on right now. Crappie can be caught by dipping black/chartreuse jigs and minnows around laydowns and backwater spawning areas. For catfish, check the deep holes just outside of flats. Cody says he prefers cut bait, but you can catch them on many different offerings. Anchor up current of the hole and bottom bounce it back into the good stuff. Best of luck and give us a call to book your spring trip.

Little Maumelle River

(updated 4-4-2018) River Valley Marina (501-517-1250) said the water is clear and the surface temperature is 57 degrees. The level and current are low. Crappie are biting in 2-3 feet of depth and the bite is fair. Bass are good, with the best bite near the banks. Try using spinnerbaits, crankbaits, plastic worms and topwaters like the Zara Spook. Catfish are fair on worms and blood bait, as well as yo-yos. Not reports on white bass. Nothing to report on bream.

Arkansas River (Maumelle Pool)

(updated 4-4-2018) Zimmerman’s Exxon (501-944-2527) said bream are good on worms and crickets. Crappie are fair on minnows or jigs. Bass are fair on spinnerbaits and crankbaits. No reports on catfish or white bass.

(updated 3-28-2018) Hatchet Jack’s (501-758-4948) said bass are fair near the Murray Lock and Dam. Anglers are using white twister tails and large minnows.

Arkansas River (Little Rock Pool)

(updated 4-4-2018) Vince Miller from Fish ’N’ Stuff (501-834-5733) said the water level and current are high, and fishing is slow because of those conditions. The surface temperature came in at the mid- to high 50s. Crappie reports were good. The crappie are in about 6 feet of water and are biting red jigs. Bass are fair on white spinnerbaits and white crankbaits. No reports on bream or catfish.

(updated 4-4-2018) Zimmerman’s Exxon (501-944-2527) said bream appear to be moving up. Tony heard good reports from anglers using waxworms and crickets. Crappie are good on jigs, and especially good near the Terry Lock and Dam using Crappie Magnets or blue tube jigs. You’ll find the crappie in about 8-10 feet depth. Bass are good on spinnerbaits and crankbaits. Catfishing is good on yo-yos and with cut bait. Below the Terry Dam, catfish are good on skipjack. White bass are good on the Terry end of the pool; use shad and chartreuse grubs below the dam. No conditions were reported.

(updated 4-4-2018) McSwain Sports Center (501-945-2471) said crappie are fair on minnows and jigs. No other reports or conditions available.

Clear Lake (off Arkansas River-Little Rock Pool)

(updated 4-4-2018) McSwain Sports Center (501-945-2471) said crappie reports were fair, with anglers using minnows and jigs. Nothing else reported.

Peckerwood Lake

(updated 4-4-2018) Herman’s Landing (870-241-3731) reported the fishing has been slow. The water is dingy with a surface temperature of 55 degrees. The level is normal. Crappie have been fair on jigs. Bass are fair on spinnerbaits and crankbaits. Catfishing is fair on worms. Nothing to report on bream.