Arkansas Outdoor Concepts is now open for business after hosting a grand opening weekend Friday through Sunday.

Arkansas Outdoor Concepts is an outdoor living company that provides clients with lifetime furniture, pergolas, pavilions, louvered roofs, patio covers, touchless boat covers, Green Egg, greenhouses and more.

Co-owner Debbie Goodwin said the quality of the company's products is superior to Sam’s Club.

“We bought a couple things from Sam’s Club this morning, which was a swan that had hole in it,” she said. “We bought another thing and it was broken. Our stuff is Amish made and I have been dealing with the Amish for 30 years. Our stuff is heavy-duty, top quality, lifetime furniture.”

Arkansas Outdoors Concepts has products ranging from seating, dining, fire pits, outdoor structures, cooking, play sets, hammocks and umbrellas.

“Some of the unique things we have, for instance, we have a white gazebo that has been in our possession for 30 years,” she said. “We have wind chimes that are Amish made. We have renaissance casting. Ninety-nine percent of what we have is Windward [Design Group]. We have Green Egg and have quite a few other products. We also have the Equinox, which is a solar patio covering.”

Goodwin said the company has sold more than 400 Equinoxes in the state.

“We did a commercial covering at Rebel Kettle in Little Rock, and our furniture is also there,” she said. “When we do our Berlin furniture, we always do it a little bit beefier for a little more support at the bottom. It’s all awesome Amish products. We can make a four seasons room that opens and closes. We’ve done all kinds of hotels and homes, too.”

Arkansas Outdoor Concepts is located at 1915 Walkers Trail in Conway.

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