A 13-year-old Conway Junior High School student was arrested Tuesday at his home after allegedly making threats against students during school that day.

The Log Cabin Democrat first heard about the incident after a concerned parent reached out.

The parent, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions, said her son witnessed the male student get into a fight — the CJHS student was allegedly slammed onto the ground and seemed embarrassed.

The witness said he overheard the 13-year-old suspect tell another student to “wear red tomorrow” because he was going to “shoot up the school” following the fight.

Conway Police Department spokesman LaTresha Woodruff told the Log Cabin that a school resource officer received information about the student in question and immediately went to his house, where he was then arrested.

Woodruff said Wednesday that this incident was still under investigation as of press time.

The concerned parent also shared the text message that went out from the district.

“Today at CJHS a student made a verbal threat against the school,” the text reads. “We have addressed it and the student is no longer on campus.”

Conway Communication Specialist Heather Kendrick said there wasn’t much she could share but did note that the message to parents was sent out because the district didn’t want them learning of the incident from anywhere else but wanted information to come from them.