Sarah Maull, culinary student at Conway High School, was selected to sell her unique hot dog during Toad Suck Daze May 4-6 in Conway.

Students from the program at CHS worked with Petit Jean meats to come up with the creative hot dog recipes. After deliberation, a panel of judges narrowed it down to two finalists — Maull with her Toad Mode, which features a Petit Jean hot dog cradled in dill relish and topped with Petit Jean chili, sautéed onions and peppers, shredded Petit Jean smoked cheddar, crumbled pieces of thick-sliced Petit Jean bacon and jalapeño slices and Hannah Bramlett with her Perro Client Colombiano ( Colombian Hot Dog), which featured a Petit Jean hot dog served on a bed of coleslaw in a Petit Jean bun, topped with ketchup, mustard and chipotle aioli and finished with crushed potato chips, Petit Jean bacon and a pineapple sauce with a red onion pineapple garnish.

The final selection was left up to the community after the official Toad Suck Daze Facebook posted the two options on its page April 5 encouraging users to vote on their favorite.

The post received 520 comments.

Brad Lacy, with the Conway Area Chamber of Commerce, announced the winner during a news conference Tuesday at UCA Downtown.

The CHS senior said she loved getting to work with her peers in class and enjoyed bouncing the hot dog ideas off each other, making the contest feel like less of a competition and more of a shared effort.

“It’s been really great,” she said. “I really had fun doing it.”

When Lacy called her name, Maull said she was in shock because Bramlett’s hot dog was “so good,” and even tried it herself thinking “wow.”

“I’m not surprised it was so close,” she said.

Maull is the daughter of Felix and Staci Maull, and both said they were excited and proud of Sarah for her hard work, thanking culinary art teachers Jennifer Park and Patricia Bowers.

In addition to winning the 2018 Official Hot Dog of Toad Suck Daze award, Maull will also work at the event selling her hot dog during select times.

Toad Suck Daze, in partnership with Petit Jean Meats, will donate $750 to the culinary arts program at CHS.

Petit Jean Meat’s Wayne Cox said he was floored by the program and what it had to offer. He said he hopes to continue working with the CHS culinary program in the future.

“We were just real excited to be able to hook up with them on a program like this,” he said. “I am so excited that we were able to partner with the Conway culinary class.”