A felony battery case has been filed against a Conway woman suspected of abusing her 1-year-old child in 2016.

Online records show a felony first-degree domestic battery charge was formally filed Friday against 21-year-old Jennasis Maclin following an investigation that began in November 2016.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the Conway Police Department was contacted in November 2016 regarding a child who was at the Arkansas Children's Hospital suffering from a fracture to his left forearm, two skull fractures "that happened on different occasions," healing fractures on two separate ribs, a fracture on his right hand, bruises on his back, face, arms and legs as well as two bite marks and scrapes on his right lower leg. Medical staff also located bruises around the 1-year-old child's neck, "indicating he was strangled."

During its investigation, CPD learned from the child's father that the toddler's mother suffered from depression and also showed other concerning signs that she was possibly responsible for the boy's injuries.

The child's father said Maclin was prescribed medications for her depression but that he "learned Jennasis was never taking the medications prescribed to her."

In his statement, he also noted other concerning actions that he did not initially find alarming until learning of the injuries the 1-year-old child suffered from.

The boy's father described an instance where his young son awoke from a nap but that Maclin refused to let him play with the boy because she accused the man of being sick and that he would make the baby ill. In an interview with Conway detectives, the boy's father said this happened about three to four months prior to learning the boy was severely injured.

During questioning, the boy's father also recalled that after Maclin became a stay-at-home mother, she would keep the home "very, very cold ... giving her a reason to keep long pants and long sleeve shirts on [the boy] at all times." The boy's father said he didn't think anything of this at the time, but after learning of the boy's injuries, said it made more sense.

On the night the boy was taken to Children's Hospital, he was released to the Department of Human Services custody. The 1-year-old child's father said before he left the hospital he spoke to his father over the phone about this incident.

"[The boy's father] said before he left the hospital, he called his father to tell him about the incident," the affidavit reads in part. "He stated that his dad said if he didn't do it, there is only one person who could have. [The boys father] said he knew at that point Jennasis caused the injuries [to their young child] because she's the only person who has been with him on a daily basis."

In his interview with authorities, the boy's father listed off several instances that now made him believe Maclin was responsible for harming the toddler.

On the day the boy was taken to the hospital, the woman told the boy's father that the toddler fell out of his crib around 6:30 a.m. However, the boy's father wasn't notified of the boy's injuries until later that evening.

"Jennasis told him she went into [the boy's] bedroom because he was crying and found him leaned over his crib railing," according to the man's statement. "He was resting on the middle of his stomach. Before Jennasis could get to him, she claimed [the boy] flipped over the railing and fell to the floor. She claimed [the boy] ... piled up a blanket at the corner of his crib and used it to step up and over the rib railing. She said it happened [around 6:30 a.m.], but she did not call [the boy's father] until later that evening. She told [the boy's father] she waited so long to call because she didn't know he was hurt until she saw him crawling and favoring one of his arms."

According to the boy's foster family, the toddler screams and cries during bath time. The family also said the boy showed signs of being beaten.

One of the detectives on the case informed the boy's father that the boy's foster family said the young boy is happy when his father comes to visit. The detective also said the boy "hated bath time" and "would also immediately reach his hand behind his buttocks and cover up his butt with his right hand anytime his pants were taken off."

The detective said this was a conditioned response to being spanked.

Online records show the 20th Judicial Prosecuting Attorney's Office formally filed charges shortly after 10 a.m. Friday against Maclin. As of press time Friday, the boy's mother had not yet been arrested regarding the aforementioned case.