While no evidence supporting a threat allegedly made against the Greenbrier School District on Friday has been found, local law enforcement are staying cautious and maintaining an active presence throughout the district this week.

Greenbrier Police Chief Gene Earnhart told the Log Cabin Democrat on Monday that no supporting evidence of the alleged threat has yet been found or linked but that local law enforcement are still actively investigating the situation.

According to the student who reported the alleged threat, the post in question was made on Instagram on Friday but did not specifically reference an individual school within the district.

Earnhart said only one student within the district has come forward with information regarding the post and that, by the time she reported the alleged threat to school officials, the post in question had been taken down.

While the post has been removed and authorities have yet to make any connection to a suspect in the matter, Earnhart said the Greenbrier Police Department, Faulkner County Sheriff's Office and Arkansas State Police are continuing to investigate the alleged threat that stated "Greenbrier beware" on Wednesday.

"As of right now, all we know is the post said to beware," Earnhart told the Log Cabin on Monday morning. "But, we're taking it serious. We're not messing around when it comes to school children and the school district."

Greenbrier Superintendent Scott Spainhour said school officials notified law enforcement immediately after learning of the threat on Friday.

While law enforcement have an increased presence throughout the district this week, Spainhour said school administrators are also working to limit foot traffic in each school following the alleged threat.

"We're working to limit movement of students to provide extra safety and all buildings will remain locked as always," Spainhour said Monday afternoon. "The threat was not specific to any building, so we're making arrangements for all buildings to have enhanced security."

Earnhart said the GPD, FCSO and ASP are actively patrolling each of the schools within the district this week and plan to have law enforcement present at each school on Wednesday, the day the alleged post referenced.

"We take reports and the safety of our children such as this very serious, founded or unfounded," Earnhart said in a release Monday afternoon. "We will be doing extra patrols during the week and Wednesday we will have not only our units but the help of [the] Faulkner County Sheriff's Department and State Police."

Spainhour said he was thankful for the investigative work local authorities have put in to tracking down the source of this threat. While the district did not see a decline in attendance Monday, Spainhour did say he expects to see fewer students on campus Wednesday given the alleged threat made toward the district.

"Thank you to our local law enforcement for continuing this investigation and following up on leads," he said. "We want parents to know we're being aggressive in dealing with this. Our goal is for everyone to be safe."