From Conway Police Department reports

Conway Corp. reports stolen services

Conway Corporation reported on Friday that someone had illegally turned on the power at a home on Azalea Loop.

According to an incident report, a Conway Corp. employee told authorities that the power of a home on Azalea Loop was previously reconnected illegally prior to this complaint. The employee told Conway police that Conway Corp. first learned the power had illegally been turned back on on April 19.

Following the first discovery of stolen services, Conway Corp. "removed the meter from the residence and cut off the power once again," the complainant said in his statement. On Friday, the employee said Conway Corp. learned the power had once again been restored without any payment.

Authorities confronted the resident, who said she "did not know anything about the power being restored illegally."

According to the 63-year-old woman's statement, the woman contacted her landlord after the power at the residence on Azalea Loop was shut off.

"[The woman] stated she did not have power, so she contacted her landlord," the incident report reads in part. "[She] stated [her landlord] informed her there was a wiring issue, and he would have an electrician come out. [The woman] stated she went into town and when she returned, the power was back on."

The woman provided authorities with her landlord's contact information. However, according to the incident report, officers were unable to reach him.

Woman allegedly harassed by former attacker

A Conway woman filed a harassment report Friday morning against a 44-year-old man who she dated back in August 2017.

According to an incident report, the woman has an active protection order against the man in question after he allegedly attacked her last year. The 38-year-old woman told police "she has been receiving multiple phone calls, text messages and letters from [the suspect]."

The woman said she went on two dates with the suspect last year before he allegedly attacked her in August. She has since learned he has been "taking her mail prior to her being able to retrieve it from her mailbox."

The woman also showed authorities where the suspect called her 27 times between March 13-17.

In her statement, the woman said she has received threatening text messages from the suspect since he was jailed in the Faulkner County Detention Center on a misdemeanor warrant March 9.

On April 25, the woman reportedly received a text message stating "Derek Jones (7516, at Faulkner County-2 Ar) is requesting to contact you."

That message was followed by several increasingly more threatening messages:

"I'm warning you to get right. Because it's on You've finally done it."
"You [explicit] my life. So it is war b****. You are nothing."
"Please get ahold of me it's in your best interest."

The woman told police that the suspect also threatened to send "risque photos of [her] to multiple people."

In her statement, she also said she has changed her number six times since Jones began trying to contact her. After Jones was jailed in March, his roommates reportedly contacted the victim, stating they'd "found some items with her name and information on it and asked if she would like to come look at them and reclaim these items."

Among the items discovered included the woman's missing spare car key and mailbox key as well as "multiple pieces of mail addressed to her."

"While at the residence, [she also] located several documents with addresses, phone numbers, bank pin numbers," the report reads in part. "One of the documents was a printout of checks that had been written by [the victim]."

The responding officer contacted jail staff to report Jones had been contacting the victim via phone, text message and Facebook.