Duff Campbell, a professor of mathematics at Hendrix College in Conway, won the 11th annual Arkansas State Crossword Puzzle Championship on Sunday at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service.

Beth Levi, a clinical professor at the UA Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law, won the Sudoku competition for the fourth straight year and ninth time overall.

Greta Moore, an independent contractor in business development living in North Little Rock, was the runner-up in the Sudoku Competition.

Campbell, who had previously placed as high as third in 2016, secured his first championship with a perfect score of 500.

Angelo Turturro, who is retired and lives in North Little Rock, was second. Turturro placed third in 2017. Glen Hooks of Little Rock, director of the Arkansas Sierra Club, placed third overall.

The championships were conducted by Little Rock District Judge Vic Fleming, who constructs puzzles for The New York Times and other major publications.

Matt Ginsberg, author of "Factor Man" and founder of Dr. Fill, a crossword-solving program better than all but a handful of humans, was the featured speaker. Ginsberg also delivered a program on his book before the Puzzle Championship.

The Clinton School has hosted the competition since its founding in 2007.

Crossword Champions

• 2007: Ellen Brantley.

• 2008: Wes Lacewell.

• 2009: Wes Lacewell.

• 2010: Glenn Whaley.

• 2011: Robin Morrissey.

• 2012: Robin Morrissey.

• 2013: No competition.

• 2014: Robin Morrissey.

• 2015: Ellen Brantley.

• 2016: Glenn Whaley.

• 2017: Wes Lacewell.

• 2018: Duff Campbell.

Sudoku Champions

• 2007: Beth Levi.

• 2008: Beth Levi.

• 2009: Beth Levi.

• 2010: John Matejka.

• 2011: Beth Levi.

• 2012: Beth Levi.

• 2013: No competition.

• 2014: Darren Morrissey.

• 2015: Beth Levi.

• 2016: Beth Levi.

• 2017: Beth Levi.

• 2018: Beth Levi.