A group of eighth graders at Conway Junior High School put together a project in the month of April to raise awareness through art.

CJHS teacher Cicely Trice said kids in her art class constructed various pinwheels, which were on display for viewing.

Trice said she was originally contacted by someone in the community that wanted to bring awareness during April, which is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

“Since nurturing young people, protecting young people and educating young people is what I do for a living, I was happy to participate,” she said.

The group called it “Art for Awareness.”

“The students were happy to work on the project and they found the construction and the topic very interesting,” Trice said.

The teacher said she hopes the students learned they are not too young to bring awareness to issues that concern our community.

“I also hope that they enhanced the empathetic side of their hearts to be aware and conscious of how others feel that have to experience this type of life,” Trice said.