From Conway Police Department reports

Women allegedly swipe candy from gas station

A cashier at a Conway gas station called authorities on Friday after learning two women who had previously applied for jobs at the businesses were stealing candy.

According to the incident report, a customer first alerted the cashier at the Valero on Hogan Lane that a 6-year-old child "possibly walked out of the store with merchandise that was not paid for."

After reviewing security footage, the clerk learned that two women, ages 20 and 22, walked into the gas station with the child and began stealing, shoving items into their pockets before fleeing the store.

"On the video [the clerk] showed me, I saw both women picking up candy and other items then sticking them in pockets and down the back of their pants," the responding officer wrote in his report. "[The clerk] stated she knew who the girls were because one of them had applied for a job there. We were able to pull the names, Alisha Johnson and Kierra Gary, off the applications."

The clerk said she wanted the women banned from the gas station. According to the incident report, the officer told the woman to contact the police department if the women came back to the store.

CPD responds to Friday road rage incident

Authorities were dispatched to an alleged road rage incident Friday afternoon after a woman reported feeling threatened by the driver and passenger of the suspect vehicle.

According to an incident report, the victim called authorities shortly after 4 p.m. Friday to report the incident. The complainant told police the harassment began at the intersection of Sunny Gap Road and Highway 64. She said she was waiting to turn west onto Highway 64 off Sunny Gap Road when she noticed a white car already driving west along Highway 64. When the car began to slow down and turn on its right turn signal, she proceeded to turn onto Highway 64. However, she said the other driver immediately sped up and began honking at her.

The woman said the driver, who was later identified as James Kelley, "began making a series of lane changes, preventing her from passing."

"The passenger, identified as Christopher White, then stuck his head out of the window and began yelling," the woman said in her statement. [She] noted White had a red ball cap on that blew off of his head when learned out of the window."

The woman further stated that every time she attempted to pass the suspect vehicle, Kelley would allegedly cut her off. She said she called 911 about the incident "because she was concerned the situation would continue to escalate," noting White got out of the vehicle at one point and started yelling at the victim as he began walking toward her vehicle.

"[The victim] stated she felt threatened as White approached her car, creating an apprehension of imminent physical injury," the incident report reads in part. "[The woman] stated that dispatch advised her to move away from the male if possible, so [she] moved all the way over to the left lane and pulled into the flea market. White then got back into the suspect vehicle, and the vehicle continued through the light westbound on Oak [Street]."

Before he left the scene, the responding officer informed the woman how she could pick up a copy of the incident report and how to pursue charges against the suspects if she wished to do so, according to the incident report.