My deepest sympathy to Debbie Bowers husband Richard Bower and heir families. Bocce will never be the same at Special Olympics with one of the major Champs missing. Debbie past away last week and she will be missed by many friends and coaches. She was Richards life line and best friend. They had been married 35 Years. Richard we live you cons you will have another partner for Bocce next year.

Beautiful weather we’re having but the rain is coming back. I have been sitting some on my back deck and enjoying it!

Keep me in your prayers last Monday I had a knee scope on my left knee. They scraped my knee and repaired a tear there. Said old Arthur was there a lot more than in the right knee and it will last about 3 to 4 years then a whole knee replacements is next I had a partial knee replacement on right 10 years ago.

Happy birthday to Charlene Firtener, Chris Humphrey, Janet Burroughs! Hope uyour birthdays were great!

Schools are winding down having parties and testing and finishing up classes. Summer is getting closer. So watch for those buses coming and going!

Sandy Dowdy had bowling Sunday. Along with other ILS league players! She got 2 strikes and several spares. Doing great Sandy Dowdy!

Not to late to buy tickets on this corvette convertible that the Other Side Of Searcy is selling for fund raiser for the nonprofit organization that help people with addictions. The tickets are $20 a piece or 3 for $50. See me or Doris Watkins if interested! Drawing is May 19th.

Thank you yo Sue Clay for driving me to have my knee scope and staying the first night with me. Jerry was at the hospital too. They scraped my knee and repaired a tear in my left knee. This will last for 3 to 4 years then a total knee replacement. Thank you for my other friend Charlotte Mode for bring supper last name night chicken corn green beans and chocolate chip cookies for us and it was enough for lunch today too. Sue brought dollar tacos FYI Damascus for supper. It all was yummy

It was as so great to see Mr Tom Erback and his wife Friday night. Sandy loved seeing you she missed you and Mr Lynn. Talks about you slot or wondering about you. So glad you are doing better and hoping Nancy keeps improving from her surgery. We love you Tom and Nancy plead keep in touch.

Have a great week and send news to me or call 501 450 0395.