From Conway Police Department reports

Pet Country employee fired for allegedly stealing money

A Pet Country employee was fired from the business after allegedly stealing money from the store.

Police were called to the store, located at 2665 Donaghey Avenue, around 12:45 p.m. Saturday to stand by as Spencer Flake was fired.

A manager told authorities that he'd noticed money was coming up short over the past four to five weeks.

After setting up a camera, the manager said he learned Flake was responsible for the missing $330.

"The camera watched the desk and drawer that the money back was kept in," according to the store's manager. "[The complainant] stated that Spencer Flake was caught several times on camera opening the drawer, and taking money out of the money bag. The camera didn't actually show Flake's face, but [the store's manager] stated that he was the only one that wore those scrub bottoms."

According to the incident report, the store manager asked the responding officer to stay on scene as he fired Flake.

The manager then confronted 24-year-old Flake about the incident, stating "they had video footage of him taking money and that he was being fired."

After receiving a ban notice, Flake was escorted back inside the store so that he could collect his belongings. Before leaving the store, Flake confronted the manager about money the store manager allegedly owed him.

"Flake gathered his items and went back outside," the incident report reads. "Flake stated that he was still owed money by [the complainant]. [The manager's] wife wrote him a check for $35 that he was owed for the day's work. Flake left without further incident."

After Flake left the area, the store manager requested extra patrol in the area because he "was concerned about his employee's vehicles during the day."

Cox Cove resident files animal complaint

A Cox Cove resident filed an animal complaint Saturday afternoon after his neighbor's dogs allegedly attacked his cat.

According to an incident report, the 49-year-old man called authorities out to the 2000 block of Cox Cove because he "was very frustrated about his cat being attacked by two dogs that belonged to his neighbor."

The complainant told police he heard "loud banging" in his garage and that when he went to see the source of the obscure sound, "he was stunned to see two large dogs in his garage," noting one of the dogs "had his cat in its mouth, swinging it back and forth viciously."

The man said he was concerned for his cat and also his child.

According to the incident report, CPD notified the animal welfare unit about the incident.

Woman reports truck stolen from The Ridge

The Conway Police Department was notified of a vehicle theft Saturday afternoon.

According to an incident report, the victim reported her maroon Chevy 1500 had been stolen from The Ridge at Meadowlake Apartments sometime between 1 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

The 42-year-old victim told authorities her son was the last one to drive the truck, noting he got home around 1 a.m. While the vehicle was left unlocked, she said she had the keys with her. The woman told the responding officer that the truck used to be green but has since been painted maroon, also noting "there is cosmetic damage tot he driver door of the vehicle ... [that] looks similar to rust stains."

According to the incident report, the responding officer entered the truck into the ACIC database as stolen and informed the victim how she could obtain a copy of the report.