A 32-year-old Conway man accused in a shooting that reportedly occurred at a residence on Joyner Driver last month pleaded not guilty Thursday.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Ricky Patton allegedly shot at another man following an argument as the two were playing a card game on April 15 in a garage of a residence in the 1300 block of Joyner Drive.

Patton, who is represented by attorney Lori Mason, stood in shackles before Circuit Judge Charles "Ed" Clawson Jr. as he pleaded not guilty to two felony charges — aggravated assault and possession of firearms by certain persons — in Faulkner County Circuit Court. Patton is currently being held without bond in the county jail pending a bond revocation hearing for reportedly breaking the conditions of the bond that was set regarding his misdemeanor conviction appeal to the circuit court.

Online records show that Patton was set to appear in circuit court June 7 for a jury trial regarding an appeal of a conviction he received in district court earlier this year.

Patton, who was found guilty of third-degree battery, harassment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, will continue to be held without bond pending the revocation hearing, which Clawson scheduled for June 7.

Felony charges filed against Patton last week stem from an April 15 incident where he allegedly fired off five or six rounds at a man while the two were playing a card game at a mutual friend's house on Joyner Drive.

According to a probable cause affidavit, authorities were first alerted of the incident after the victim showed up at a residence less than a quarter mile away and said he’d been shot at. Court documents state officers located the victim soon after at the intersection of Sterling and Hathaway drives.

″[The victim] was obviously distressed as he was breathing heavily, sweating and not wearing any shoes,” one of the responding officers wrote in his report of his initial contact with the victim. “The sweating and no shoes were notable as it was a very cold morning and [the victim] had wet/muddy feet. I could also see a small amount of blood on his right hand. He stated that the blood on his hand mush have come from a ‘bush’ that he had run through.”

As officers spoke with the victim April 15, they learned he and the suspect — later identified as Patton, or “Little Ricky” — were playing cards in a friend’s garage and “talking smack” to each other on the night in question.

According to the victim’s statement, the two have known each other for several years and he did not believe Patton was trying to kill or injure him, noting he believes the five or six rounds Patton allegedly fired off at him but were “more to scare him than to actually hit him.”

The victim told authorities he arrived around 3 a.m. to the residence on Joyner Drive on the night in question and that Patton, who denied in a later interview with Conway police ever being at the residence, arrived about 20 minutes later.

According to the victim’s statement, Patton never threatened to shoot at him before firing off rounds from a .22 caliber revolver. As the two were “talking smack” by the pool table to each other, the victim said Patton began threatening to beat him up before stepping out of the garage. However, the victim said he was unsure if Patton went outside to get the gun or if he already had it with him when the argument began.

“Ricky said he was going to beat his [explicit] ... [and] went outside and came back in,” the affidavit reads in part. “He never made any threats to shoot him or kill him before he went outside or when he came back in. [The victim said he] did not know if Ricky had the gun on him before or if he got it from his vehicle. [The victim] had a filet knife in a sheath in his back pocket, but denies ever pulling it or threatening Ricky with the knife or any other weapon.”

According to detectives, damages to the homeowner’s garage wall and pool table show that the bullets Patton allegedly fired off were within close range of striking the victim.

“I took overall photos inside the residence and documented the property damage with photos,” one of the detectives wrote in her report. “I had [the victim] show me where he was standing and could see that the shots narrowly missed striking him. The shots were within a foot of striking [the victim].”

Authorities questioned Patton in an in-person interview at the Conway Police Department on April 20. During the interview, Patton acknowledged knowing the victim and the homeowner but said he was not at the Joyner Drive residence on the night in question, noting the vehicle he was reported to have fled the scene in was broken down at the time of the incident and that he had not seen the victim since November 2017 and had not been at the Joyner Drive residence in more than six months.

According to his statement, his white Chevrolet Malibu was broken down from April 11-17. He also said no one had driven the vehicle during that time frame. However, as police spoke with his fiance, she said she drove the vehicle on the night in question. She did say Patton was home April 15 and never left their residence.

Following the victim’s statements and conflicting information in Patton and his soon-to-be wife’s statements, authorities ultimately pinpointed Patton as the suspect in this case. Online records show felony charges were filed in Faulkner County Circuit Court against Patton on Friday.

″[The victim] feels that Patton was trying more to scare him than to actually hit hem when he fired the shots. He does not feel [Patton] was trying to kill him. Patton had been there for several hours. He was at the location before [the victim] arrived. I feel confident that Patton was the person that shot at [the victim],” one of the detectives wrote in her report after interviewing the victim, homeowner, Patton along with other individuals who were at the house on the night in question.