From Conway Police Department reports

Suspicious man pushing cart arrested for outstanding warrant

Conway police were alerted of a suspicious man walking along First Avenue behind Kroger on April 28.

According to an incident report, concerned residents reported the man was southbound on First Avenue around 8 p.m. April 28, also noting the man was pushing a shopping cart with a safe in it.

When officers caught up to the man in question, identified as 44-year-old Jason Sheffield, he was pushing around a black safe and two bags of deer corn in a new Walmart shopping cart.

"I approached Mr. Sheffield and introduced myself, my agency, and the reason I was speaking with him," the officer wrote in his report of his initial encounter with the suspect. "I asked the male what he was doing and he stated he had pushed the cart all the way from Walmart and was almost to his house."

Sheffield told the responding officers he lived at a home across the street from where they were standing, noting his wife had bought him the safe and he'd taken it over to Walmart because he was having issues opening it.

"I asked him why he had been pushing a safe and other items and he said that his wife had bought the safe for him but he did not know how to open it and had taken it to Walmart to get assistance opening it, or wanting to return it," the incident report reads in part. "I noticed he had an owner's manual to the safe with the combination printed on it."

After learning the man had an active absconder warrant, one of the officers informed him he would be arrested and taken to the county jail. At this point, Sheffield became upset, according to the incident report.

Sheffield "became agitated and defensive," stating he'd recently suffered a head injury and didn't need to go to jail.

The officers noted in the incident report that they did not see any trauma wounds on Sheffield's head. After pointing this out and continuing on with the arrest, Sheffield began to yell out that the officers should seek God for their bad behavior and that they were abusing their police power.

The police department was unable to verify on the night in question whether the safe and deer corn were Sheffield's of if he'd stolen them from Walmart. Sheffield was ultimately charged with theft of property and taken to the county jail.

Passenger charged with throwing marijuana from vehicle

A 29-year-old Greenbrier man was charged with possession of a controlled substance on April 28 after allegedly throwing marijuana shake and a blunt out of his window.

According to an incident report, a Conway officer was patrolling Old Morrilton Highway at 8:10 p.m. April 28 when he noticed the driver of a blue Kia Soul was driving without their lights on.

As the officer initiated a traffic stop, he noticed something was thrown from the passenger side of the vehicle.

"Due to the vehicle not having their lights [on], I initiated my traffic lights to conduct a traffic stop," the officer wrote in his report. "As the Soul was pulling over onto the shoulder, I observed something being thrown out the passenger side window."

When questioned about why the vehicle smelled of marijuana, the 39-year-old driver said she'd been around marijuana smoke earlier that day. However, the officer said he believed he saw the passenger throw something out of the window and asked what it was.

The passenger, identified as 29-year-old Tye Smith, denied throwing anything from the vehicle. After reviewing the officer's body camera footage, officers determined something had been thrown out of the passenger side window. Upon searching the area, officers found a small bag of marijuana shake and a rolled cigar "that contained a green leafy vegetable substance."

Smith continued to deny knowing anything about the contraband, according to the incident report.

"When I asked Tye about what was located, he denied any knowledge of being in possession ow what was found," the incident report reads. "He stated he believes that we planted it on him."

Smith was ultimately charged with possession of a controlled substance and was released from the scene.