Mayflower voters will vote on whether they want to reallocate the one-cent sales tax that is currently dedicated for streets and drainage during the upcoming primary election on May 22.

Voting in favor of the sales tax would allow the tax to be equally divided between the street department fund and the city’s general fund. Voting against reallocating the sales tax would keep all of the funds collected by the current one-cent sales tax within the street department fund.

Mayor Randy Holland said he wants voters to understand this is not an imposition of a new tax — it is merely asking that the tax be divided. The one-cent sales tax that is currently in place and used solely for streets and drainage, was voted on by Mayflower residents on May 20, 2008, and generates approximately $25,000 to $30,000 each month.

Ninety percent of the streets in the city have been paved and, with sales tax revenue down for the general fund, aldermen unanimously approved during the Jan. 23 Mayflower City Council meeting to place the issue before the voters, asking for the tax to be divided between street improvements and the general fund.

If the tax is divided, approximately $180,000 would be generated for the general fund and could be used to provide improved police protection or any need associated with the general fund, while $180,000 would continue for street improvements.