From Conway Police Department reports

Woman charged with public intox after showing up drunk to sister's home

A 43-year-old woman was arrested Friday for allegedly showing up drunk at her sister's house after previously being told to leave the home.

According to an incident report, Conway officers were paged out shortly after 2 a.m. Friday to an apartment complex in the 200 block of Willow Street. Officers were previously called out to this residence for a domestic disturbance between the woman in question and her sister.

When officers arrived on scene, they were met by 43-year-old Jashuanna Wofford, who was standing outside of her sister's apartment. The woman's sister was standing outside of the second floor of her apartment.

"I asked Jashuanna what she was doing back over here after her daughter took her home from the domestic disturbance," the responding officer wrote in his report. "Jashuanna stated that she walked from her daughter's apartment in Rock Creek Apartments back to her sister's place to find her keys."

As the officer spoke with Wofford, he noticed she smelled strongly of alcohol. In his report, he also noted her speech was slurred, she had bloodshot, watery eyes and that she could not stand up straight without swaying.

Wofford was ultimately arrested on scene on suspicion of public intoxication.

After cuffing Wofford, who began resisting arrest, the officer spoke with her sister.

The woman's sister said Wofford came back over to her apartment "and started yelling about her keys." However, the 38-year-old woman said she had thrown her sister's keys outside in the domestic incident earlier that night. Wofford's sister also said she believed Wofford damaged her vehicle when she came back to her apartment, noting there was now a crack on her windshield and scratches and dirt on the hood of her vehicle.

Man threatened with tire iron Friday

A 27-year-old man was reportedly threatened by another man with a tire iron Friday morning.

The 27-year-old victim called the police department at 7:20 a.m. Friday to report being threatened by a 46-year-old man on Johnston Avenue.

According to the victim's statement, he was involved in a wreck the night before with the man who lived at the Johnston Avenue residence and went to the scene of the crash "to try and find some items that may have been thrown from the vehicle."

While at the scene of the crash, the victim said a man came out of his house at 1915 Johnston Avenue and began yelling and cursing at him. The suspect allegedly yelled at the victim to get off of his property and when the victim stated he was on a public street, became more aggressive.

"[The victim] stated that the street is public property," the incident report reads. "The resident then grabbed a tire iron and said, 'My tire iron says different and if you don't move on I'm gonna beat your ass!'"

Authorities went to the residence on Johnston Avenue to question the man who allegedly threatened the victim.

When confronting the man about the incident, the 46-year-old suspect denied threatening the victim in any way, other than telling him to get off of his property.

"I went and spoke with the other party involved," the responding officer wrote in his report. "He identified himself as Robert Waddle. He said that [the alleged victim] did come over and began to run his mouth about how Robert was at fault because his vehicle was parked facing the wrong way. Robert said that he never had a tire iron. He said that he did tell [the victim] to leave when [he] tried to come into his yard."