From Conway Police Department reports

String of vehicle break-ins reported during Toad Suck

Several vehicle break-ins were reported Friday night during Toad Suck Daze, according to authorities.

Two of the vehicle break-ins reported to Conway police Friday occurred along Locust Avenue.

At 3:13 p.m., a 42-year-old woman reported someone had broken the back passenger side glass of her 2016 GMC Yukon and made off with several of her belongings.

The woman told police she parked in front of the Faulkner County Title office earlier that day and walked over to the festival. When she returned she noticed the window was broken and that her purse was gone, including her Michael Kors wallet, a makeup bag, house keys and $30 in cash.

At 4:56 p.m., authorities were alerted of a second break-in on Locust Avenue.

The 46-year-old victim had parked her 2017 GMC Terrain in the Baptist Missionary Association parking lot around 2:30 p.m. before she and two friends walked over to Toad Suck. When she returned around 3:40 p.m., she said she noticed the back passenger side window was busted.

As they inspected the vehicle, the women noticed their purses had been taken from the vehicle. One woman also said her cell phone was stolen.

The responding officer noted there was a security camera in the area and that he would review the footage in an attempt to identify a suspect.

Conway police also received a report of a vehicle theft around 3:40 p.m. Friday at the intersection of Robinson Avenue and Grove Street.

According to an incident report, the 38-year-old victim parked her car around 1:30 p.m. and found out around 3 p.m. that her front passenger side window was busted and her purse had been stolen.

The woman said she her driver's license, social security card, credit cards, checks, medications, a sapphire/diamond gold ring and her children's social security cards were inside her purse when it was stolen.

According to the incident report, authorities responded to six other vehicle break-ins during this time frame.

Man falls asleep in roadway, cited for DWI

A 25-year-old man was arrested early Saturday morning on suspicion of drinking while driving after allegedly falling asleep behind the wheel in the middle of the street.

According to an incident report, authorities were called out at 3:13 a.m. Saturday to the intersection of Stermer and Salem roads regarding a truck that had been parked in the middle of the road.

The responding officer noted the driver was falling asleep behind the wheel as he walked up to speak with him.

"The truck still had its lights on and it was running," the officer wrote in his report. "I activated my blue lights and approached the driver side door. While standing at the door, the driver, later identified as Landon Friend, looked at me briefly and then closed his eyes and dropped his head as if he was passing out."

The officer eventually opened the driver's door after Friend did not wake up when he knocked on the window.

In his report, he noted the 25-year-old driver was not cooperative when the officer began questioning him about the incident.

"Landon eventually woke up and looked at me but would not answer any of my questions," the incident report reads in part. "I then had Landon step outside, which almost caused him to fall. Landon was not steady on his feet and there was a strong odor of intoxicants coming from his person. While asking general questions about what he was doing and if he knew where he was, Landon could not formulate a complete sentence. He would start to answer my questions but would only speak a couple of words."

The officer also noted in his report that as the suspect driver attempted to answer the officer's questions, he would stare blankly as he thought of what to say next.

After the officer had Friend perform a few field sobriety tests, he determined Friend was most likely intoxicated and also had Friend take a breathalyzer test. Friend, who registered a 0.19 blood alcohol level, was ultimately cited for driving while intoxicated and taken to the county jail.

In his report, the officer also noted finding two empty beer cans in Friend's truck.