2018 Arkansas Teacher of the Year Randi House took to Facebook on Monday to reveal a secret she’s had to keep for the past three months.

“Y’all,” she wrote. “I’ve been keeping this secret since February… one of the most awesome things we got to do at Google was help design the Google Doodle for Teacher Appreciation week.”

The Google Doodle she referenced can be viewed on Google’s homepage now, along with the video of the doodle’s creation during a visit to the company by all 2018 Teachers of the Year across the U.S.

“Isn’t it the coolest?” House said when the Log Cabin Democrat asked about the opportunity.

She said the teachers of the year induction was hosted at the Googleplex in California. She said Google surprised the group on their first day with the fun news.

“We met a Google Doodle artist and learned about the process of creating the doodles,” House said.

She said the educators broke into groups to discuss the overall idea and worked through inspirations and thoughts about what to do collaboratively.

House said they also had to sign a non-disclosure statement and keep it a secret from day one.

“[Monday] was our first time seeing it,” she said. “I love that they included the behind-the-scenes videos as well.”

In addition, House said, they were also promised stickers of the finished doodle to have as a keepsake.

She said Google will also release around 10 inspirational videos a day that the teachers recorded during the trip, and encouraged everyone to keep an eye out for that this week.

House is a teacher from Theodore Jones Elementary in Conway.