From Conway Police Department reports

Clinic reports man left infant out in vehicle

Sherwood Urgent Care employees contacted the police department last week after a man allegedly left his 6-month-old child in the car.

According to an incident report, authorities were called out around 4:15 p.m. May 4 to the clinic on Dave Ward Drive after a nurse practitioner said a man allegedly left a baby out in his vehicle as he received treatment.

"She told me that a male named Brandon Tidwell was there seeking treatment for approximately one hour, when all of a sudden he asked where his son was," the officer wrote in his report after speaking with the nurse. "She thought his actions were strange because Tidwell was there with his younger brother ... [She] said Tidwell entered the clinic again, but this time he had an approximately six month old baby with him. She said the baby's temperature was approximately 99.1, but he had cooled off and was fine by the time I arrived on scene."

The 20-year-old man told the responding officer he did not mean to leave his child out in the car, noting his fiance is usually with him and that "she is the one that gets the baby out of the car," according to the incident report.

The officer noted Tidwell was distraught about leaving his infant son in the vehicle.

"As soon as he saw me he became distraught and started sobbing saying, Don't take my baby.'"

Tidwell said as soon as he realized his son was not inside with him, he ran outside to get his child.

"Tidwell said that he almost broke the door on his way out and he fell down (He had to get bandages on his arm from the fall)," the incident report reads in part. "Tidwell said he let staff from the clinic check out the baby when he brought it back in. The temperature outside during the time was approximately 72 degrees."

The responding officer informed the 20-year-old man that he would report the incident to the Arkansas State Police Child Abuse Hotline before leaving the scene Friday.

Woman upset over headphones exchange at Family Dollar

A 44-year-old woman filed a complaint last week against the manager at Family Dollar on Oak Street.

According to an incident report, the woman was upset about how the manager handled her return of a pair of electronic headphones.

The complainant told police she went to the store on May 4 and bought the electronic headphones along with a few other items. Before leaving the parking lot, the woman tested the headphones and learned they did not work, according to the incident report. She said she went inside to exchange the headphones but was told Family Dollar policy did not allow electronics to be returned "unless it is an exchange of the exact same kind of electronic."

The manager she spoke with provided the complainant with Family Dollar's district manager, who said she would authorize the exchange.

The complainant told authorities she was upset because not only did she find the store manager present at the store to be rude, but also said the woman did not give her a receipt after she was able to return the headphones.

The complainant also told the officer that the manager in question has "also been rude in the past and when [she] had been in the store." The manager told her to leave immediately after the complainant returned the headphones and allegedly told the complainant that if she did not leave she would contact the police department. The complainant said she would contact authorities herself regarding the incident, noting she wanted the incident documented.