Faulkner County District Judges Susan Weaver and David Reynolds brought in team-building experts and catered lunch for their entire clerk's office and probation department on Friday in an effort to boost morale and improve communication.

Jon Priest along with Bryce Holmes, who is a chaplain with the Jonesboro police force, got to know the district court team during the presentation by asking about some of the stresses they face on the job and what obstacles they overcome on a daily basis.

"College," said a couple of the employees who are also full-time students.

"Working with the public," one lady said, garnering a lot of agreeing nods.

One man said dealing with other people's emotions in a struggle.

Priest and Holmes addressed these stresses and more during a presentation before getting to "the fun part," the team-building exercises designed to improve communication.

Eight team members, including Weaver, showed frustration, determination and, finally,  triumph when tasked with moving a tennis ball sitting atop a ring on a bottle with eight pieces of rope tethered to it.

As part of the exercise, some team members weren't allowed to offer suggestions, only to nod, adding to their frustration.

Holmes said that ultimately, it's important to remember that all the members are on one team trying to accomplish the same goals.

"What is your ultimate objective and how do you achieve that?" he told the team members to ask themselves.