From Conway Police Department reports

Man falls asleep behind the wheel, cited for DWI

A 23-year-old Conway man was arrested last weekend on suspicion of driving while intoxicated after reportedly falling asleep behind the wheel along the Interstate 40 125 westbound off ramp.

According to an incident report, authorities found Triston Phillips sleeping in his blue Ford Mustang around 6 a.m. May 6.

Police say the suspect did not wake up initially, but that after knocking on his window, Phillips "looked at [one of the officers] with a blank gaze and then began to drive off." The officer was able to get Phillips to stop his vehicle along the exit ramp.

According to the incident report, several Conway officers said the 23-year-old suspect smelled strongly of alcohol.

After learning Phillips "gave multiple indicators" of being under the influence of alcohol during a horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test, one of the officers at the scene began questioning Phillips about where he'd been that night.

"I then approached Triston and could smell the odor of intoxicants from about three feet away from him," the incident report reads in part. "The odor became stronger as I got closer to Triston. I asked where he was coming from and he stated that he had been at the Electric Cowboy in Little Rock. Due to the circumstances of the call, I performed Standardized Field Sobriety Tests on Triston."

After performing poorly during the SFSTs, the 23-year-old man was arrested and cited with a DWI.

Officers had Phillips take a breathalyzer test at the police department, which showed he had a blood alcohol content of 0.12.

Neighbors argue over parking spaces

Authorities were called out tot he Pendleton Cove Apartments earlier this week regarding two tenants who had a dispute about parking at the apartment complex.

The landlord told authorities he was unable to mediate the issue and requested Conway police to step in, noting the dispute was becoming a harassment concern.

One of the two tenants involved in the dispute said she felt uncomfortable and concerned for her safety after her neighbor began taking pictures of her vehicle out in the parking lot. The 30-year-old woman told police the issue stemmed from one of her roommates parking in an empty space in front of her neighbor's apartment.

"She told me that for approximately the past month and a half she has been having issues with her neighbor ... about parking in the complex," the officer wrote in his report. "[The woman] said there is no assigned parking at the complex, but there are two parking spaces in front of each apartment for the resident to park in ... [and] that she has had another person staying with her, and they park in front of [her neighbor's] apartment."

The responding officer also spoke with the woman's neighbor about the incident and asked him why he took photos of the 30-year-old woman's vehicle.

The 28-year-old man said he took the photos of the woman's vehicle to show the landlord. While there are no assigned parking spaces at the apartment complex, the man said he was upset about his neighbor parking in the empty space in front of his apartment.

"[The man] said that his child plays in one of the spaces in front of his apartment and when other people park there his child had no place to play," the officer wrote in his report. "I asked him why he took pictures of [his neighbor's] vehicle ... [and he] said that he took the pictures to show the landlord."