Nick Hewett announced he is seeking the position of Cadron Township constable.

“The main issue for me right now is safety and security of students,” Hewett said. “I don't mean the safety and security of students while at school. I do believe that is of utmost importance, but I also like to think that I can trust the school administration and the resource officers on duty.

“My mind goes to things like bus stops in remote or busy areas of the town that are often subject to cars illegally passing stopped buses that are either picking up or dropping off kids. I would like to spend some time to help secure some of these areas.”

Hewett, 32, attends Thomas University and expects to graduate in 2020. He served in the Arkansas Army National Guard for eight years and is currently a Military Family Assistance Specialist.

“I have a variety of experiences. I've worked with at-risk youth at state programs and counseled them and their families,” he said. “I have worked with offices at the State Capitol, which helped me gain knowledge on public relations and being a service to the people of Arkansas.

“The main part of my life's experiences would probably hinge on the time I spent in the Arkansas National Guard. I served eight years -- from 2003-2009 and again from 2015- 2017. I received a lot of training and gained a lot of experience that dealt with safety and security.

“One of my deployments was in support Operation Iraq Freedom, where I served primarily on a security force for one of the main naval bases. One of the main purposes of the National Guard is to keep the community secure during hard times. I was also mobilized in support of Hurricane Katrina clean up, where I received training from local police and sheriff's departments that taught me how to professionally deal with people within the community.

“Whereas I know these experiences don't make me part of a police force, they do give me an exceptional amount of experience surrounding the ideas and philosophies of keeping people and communities safe.

“I believe it means that I bring a perspective that allows me to think outside of the box for this position. Constable is often either a debated office or an office that no one really knows about.

“In the community of Conway, the CPD does an amazing job at handling law enforcement issues. So I see the office of constable as a means to serve the community in other ways that build relationships with the people to help them with their personal safety.

“I believe Conway and Faulkner County have amazing leaders and we are constantly growing which I see as a positive outcome of positive leadership. That said, there are always issues that can be worked on. Me personally, I come at it from the perspective of what I can do as Constable?”

Hewett is married with two children.

“I would appreciate any person's vote of confidence,” he said. “I am a younger candidate that has a lot of years ahead of me to learn how to lead and serve a community I love. Being able to serve in any capacity would be a great honor.”