From Conway Police Department reports

Conway resident says personal information was stolen from vehicle

A Conway woman filed a breaking and entering report last week after noticing a binder that she kept personal documents in was missing.

According to an incident report, the woman called the police department around 6 p.m. May 8 regarding the incident.

The 24-year-old Lake Pointe Apartments resident told authorities a binder that was in her Hyundai Sonota that contained check stubs, her birth certificate and high school diploma along with her house and mailbox keys was missing.

The victim told police there was no other damage to the vehicle and that she believes she may have left her doors unlocked.

The responding officer told the woman to be cautious of identity theft following this incident.

"I informed [the woman] to watch her financial information for signs of fraud and to request Lake Pointe Apartments to change her locks," the responding officer wrote in his report.

Before leaving the apartment complex last Tuesday, the officer explained to the woman how she could obtain a copy of the incident report regarding her situation.

Woman cited after driving the wrong way on Harkrider

A 21-year-old woman was cited for careless driving after allegedly driving the wrong way on Harkrider Street.

According to an incident report, a Conway officer was patrolling Harkrider Street near Hunter Street around 7 p.m. May 8 when he saw a red Toyota Camry driving "the opposite direction of traffic flow ... into oncoming traffic."

The portion of Harkrider Street where the woman was allegedly driving in the wrong direction is divided by a concrete median.

In his report, the officer noted the woman continued driving the wrong way for about 30 feet before turning around at the Horton's Travel Center gas station.

"I observed the red vehicle drive approximately 30 feet into oncoming traffic and then stop and back up, in order to avoid getting struck," the incident report reads in part. "I then watched the vehicle pull into Horton's gas station and then drive south in the proper lane of traffic. As the vehicle passed me, I got behind it to initiate a traffic stop."

The officer identified the 21-year-old driver as Petrona Tomas-Chic when she stopped by the intersection of Harkrider and Pine streets. The woman, who did not speak English, later told police she did not have an Arkansas driver's license but that she was a Conway resident.. 


"I asked her for her driver's license and she immediately began shaking her head and speaking to me in Spanish," the responding officer wrote in his report. "[Another officer] arrived and began talking with her in Spanish. She explained to him that she did not have a driver's license but only a Guatemalan identification card, which was at her residence on 2nd Avenue."

The translating officer then told the woman she could not continue to drive the vehicle in question without a license and said she would either need to find someone to come pick up the vehicle or it would be towed.

After the woman tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with a friend to come get her, the officers called a nearby wrecker and drove the woman and her child back home. The woman was also cited for careless and prohibited driving as well as driving without a driver's license.