From Conway Police Department reports

Women bitten while trying to befriend stray cat

Two women reportedly went to the emergency room last week after being bitten by a stray cat.

According to an incident report, the women said they were told about a stray cat at Discount Auto Glass on Thursday so the 41-year-old women went to the store to get the cat that afternoon.

After being attacked by the cat, the women said they decided to leave it at the store and that they later went to Baptist Health Medical Center in Conway regarding the injuries they sustained while trying to befriend the cat.

"[One of the women] was able to pick up the cat [Thursday] and was able to pet it, but when she tried to place it into her vehicle, the cat started to fight her," the incident report reads in part. "[The other woman] attempted to help and both individuals were bitten by the cat. They left the cat and went home. Their injuries started to bother them, so they went to the emergency room at Baptist Health Medical Center."

According to the report, the responding officer notified the Animal Welfare Unit of the incident.

Couple jailed after police find 'brick of marijuana' in pickup truck

A Rose Bud couple was arrested Friday after police allegedly found a brick of suspected marijuana in their vehicle.

According to an incident report, Conway officers found the suspected marijuana after requesting to search the 2007 Dodge pickup truck 55-year-old Deborah Chamberlain was driving.

In the report, one of the responding officers noted the passenger, later identified as Walter Chamberlain, seemed nervous during the traffic stop, which triggered the search.

"I advised Deborah of who I was, my department and the reason she was being stopped," the officer wrote of his initial contact with the Chamberlains. "When I asked, she provided me with her driver's license, insurance and her concealed carry permit card. I asked her if there was a gun in the car. She stated that she had a gun in the center console. While speaking with Deborah, I noticed that she did not appear to be nervous, but I could visible see Walter's hands shaking from across the vehicle."

According to the incident report, the Chamberlains were pulled over after allegedly turning westbound into the far lane on Oak Street from East German Lane instead of the nearest lane that was closer to the curb. After noting Walter's nervousness and searching both Chamberlains, authorities conducted a search of the pickup truck where they allegedly found a brick of marijuana in the bed of the truck.

"During our conversation, I asked [Deborah] if there were any drugs in the vehicle and she stated that there were no drugs in the vehicle," the officer wrote in his report. "I advised her that I had noticed that Walter's hands were shaking. I asked Deborah if I could search the vehicle and she granted consent. I began a search of the vehicle inside the cab of the truck, but did not locate any contraband. In the bed of the truck, I located a metal box. I opened the box and immediately smelled the odor of raw marijuana."

The officer reportedly found the brick of marijuana inside "an oatmeal box" that was wrapped in a plastic grocery bag.

Deborah told police she "had no knowledge of the marijuana or how it had gotten there."

Both individuals were arrested and cited with possession of a controlled substance following the Friday afternoon traffic stop.

According to the incident report, "[t]he marijuana, the box that it was in and the gun from the center console [were] confiscated."