From Conway Police Department reports

Man reportedly attacked by group of women

A Conway man was attacked by a group of women last week as he walked to check his mail.

According to an incident report, authorities were alerted at 4 p.m. of an incident on South Mitchell Street where "four black females had pulled up to a residence and began threatening the resident."

The 25-year-old victim told police he knew each of the four women and that only two were involved in the attack. The other two "attempted to break the fight up once it had started."

In his statement, he walked the responding officer through the events leading up to his complaint, stating he went outside to check the mail when Michelle McClendon, Valencia Mix and the two other women pulled up to his apartment. McClendon was the most violent, he said, noting she "immediately began waving a knife in a threatening manner." The victim further stated he did not believe the type of knife the 53-year-old woman had with her should be legal to carry around, noting the knife had a six to eight inch blade.

The man showed the responding officer a video he recorded of the knife-wielding suspect. In the video, McClendon is seen yelling at the victim while "clearly hiding something from the camera."

In his report, the officer noted the victim had marks on his left arm that looked like he was scratched by the woman's fingernails as she attempted to knock the phone out of his hands. The officer also noted another injury on the victim's fingers that he believed was caused by a knife.

"I could clearly observe scratch marks on [the victim's] left arm," the responding officer wrote in his report. "They appeared to be symmetrical and abrasions that are more consistent with fingernails than a knife. I asked if he could have gotten the marks from when McClendon swiped the phone away. He stated that it was possible but with all the adrenaline in the moment he couldn't be sure. I also could see a new scratch that appeared to be thinner and deeper on [the man's] fingers. The marks are on his pointer and ring fingers on his left hand. This is consistent with [the victim's] account of reaching for the phone and [it] being swiped with the knife."

Fight breaks out after man allegedly parks in woman's parking spot

Authorities responded to a disturbance Sunday evening at College View Apartments after a woman was reportedly choked in the parking lot.

In her statement, the 47-year-old woman told police she was released from jail Sunday and returned home to find another man in her parking spot, which triggered a heated argument.

"Due to it being a stressful day, she began to argue with him," she said. After the argument began to escalate, he 'put his hands on' her. During the fight [with] the male ... [he] choked her and threw her down on the ground."

The suspect, who was wearing black shorts and did not have a shirt on, fled the area when the victim called police, according to the incident report.

As he spoke with her, the officer also noticed the woman "had a small abrasion to her right heel."

The officer searched the area but had no luck locating the suspect, according to the incident report.