Guy News
By Brenda Dowdy

Have you ever just driven around our community to admire what has changed over the years? I did that the other day. I went to every housing development. Wow! We have some beautiful homes in our town with a big heart! I drove down some of the back roads too. We really have some of the prettiest cemeteries. If you have not visited the Mode Family Cemetery lately, you should. What can I say? It is beautiful. Every grave has flowers on it. It is absolutely gorgeous. I am proud to be a part of this little town with a big heart! It is amazing the things we take for granted.

The Guy Perkins Senior Class Baccalaureate was held at the Church of Christ last Sunday night. This Friday night is graduation! We are so proud of the seniors of 2018. They are our future and the future looks good with this group of young people!

As always, please pray for the following: Theoda and Myra Griffith, Darrell and Bessie Bearden, Clark and Linda Stevenson, Marcell Fielder, Jeannie and Gary Glover, Ed Stephens, me from my surgery and any one else that is sick

Be safe out there. Those big yellow buses are still rolling and going on field trips transporting students to and from school. Please stop when those lights are flashing and that red stop sign is out!

This Saturday will be a celebration of 50 years of marriage for the sweetest couple I know and admire. Clark and Linda Stevenson at Thom Battles Little White Building from 2 to 4 p.m. They are looking forward to seeing everyone, so be sure to stop by. Congratulations Clark and Linda, you have always been an inspiration to me.

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day. I did! I spent it with my family. I went to church with Jerry, Dana and the kids and sandy went with us also. Then I spent the day with them, along with Jerry's friend Ken Patrom and his family. Jerry cooked out, by grilling steak. It was all delicious.  I love my new ring and earrings and my plant. Thank you for spending the day with me, it was wonderful. It was just what I wanted; spending time with my family. I have the most loving family. I missed my mom but she was with me in my heart for sure.

Send news to me at 450-0395. I would love to hear about your comings and goings! Have a great week! Spend time with those you love. Time is precious we are not promised a tomorrow!