Six students have been named winners of the Simon Prize for Mathematics.

The prize, created by Ray and Phyllis Simon, for whom Simon Middle School was named, was started three years ago for girls interested in the field of mathematics.

As former mathematics teachers, the Simons say research indicates girls are underrepresented in STEM fields. To inspire the girls at Simon Middle School to excel and compete in these fields, the Simons developed the Simon Prize which involved a rigorous application process and included three winners in fifth grade with cash prizes of 50 dollars each, two in sixth grade for 100 dollars each, and one in seventh grade for 300 dollars.

All winners also win additional enrichment activities during the summer.

This year, a record number of students successfully completed the challenging application process, and all were recognized for their efforts.

The fifth grade winners were Maggie Eller, Cora Jones and Rhealea Booth. The sixth grade winners were Emily Hede and Jillian Bradshaw. The 7th grade winner was Taylor Tinsley.  The Simons also gave special recognition gifts to Olivia Ferdowsian, Abigail Gifford,, and Isabel Ruckle.  

Christi Parrish, principal of Simon Middle School, said, “We are very grateful to the Simons for all the support they provide our students, and we can’t thank them enough.”