From Conway Police Department reports

Police, fire department called out over mysterious burning battery

Authorities responded to the Oakwood Village trailer park Thursday morning after a man said he found a cell phone battery in his son's room that was on fire.

According to an incident report, a 26-year-old Oakwood Village resident called police just before noon stating "he believed an object was thrown through his child's bedroom, causing a lot of smoke and [a] very bad odor."

In his statement, the man told police his 6-year-old son approached him saying "something was wrong" after the battery caught fire. The man said he thought it was a piece of foil at first, but after taking the object outside, he later learned it was a lithium cell phone battery.

"It appeared the inner materials of the battery were taken out and/or during the fire, the battery exploded slightly," one of the responding officer wrote in his report after looking over the battery. "I took photos of the battery and the window of the bedroom. [The complainant] stated the window was already broken and he had placed a garbage bag over the half of the window with no glass in it."

Fire Marshals were called to the scene to clear the home before police searched the young boy's bedroom. After getting the OK to go inside, Fire Marshals conducted a brief investigation and ruled out arson as a reason for the burning battery. Authorities later learned the 26-year-old man had some friends staying with him who may have left the battery behind and, with the recent heavy rains and a hole in the window, it's likely the battery got wet and then caught fire.

"With the new information learned, we concluded the incident was likely accidental and the battery had gotten wet because of the rain or the child found the battery in the room and left it on the wet carpet," the incident report reads in part. "It was noted that if the lithium in the battery was exposed and touched water, a reaction would occurr and the battery would catch fire."

Woman harassed at work by brother-in-law

A woman reported being harassed while at work by her soon-to-be-ex-brother-in-law.

According to an incident report, the 30-year-old woman went to the police department Thursday afternoon regarding the alleged harassment.

In her statement, the woman told police that her sister along with her sister's children moved in with her temporarily "due to her sister's impending divorce." Once the woman's brother-in-law found out about the move, the woman said he began repeatedly calling her while she was at work.

At one point, the woman said she had a co-worker answer the phone for her. The co-worker answered the phone and put it on speaker, as the victim's brother-in-law spoke, he accused the victim of having sexual relationships with "several of her subordinates," which is against Walmart's policy and an internal investigation has since launched regarding the accusations.

The woman said she wants her soon-to-be-ex-brother-in-law to stop calling her, noting she would like a no contact order issued against him.

Purse stolen from vehicle

A woman contacted police stating she believes her car was broken into while she was out swimming.

According to an incident report, a 35-year-old woman went to the police department Thursday afternoon stating she believes someone broke into her car and stole her purse while she was swimming the week before.

In her statement, she said she was swimming May 17 at the West Lake Apartments pool on Hogan Lane. She said when she returned to her vehicle, she noticed her purse was gone but thought she may have left it somewhere else. After retracing her steps, the woman said she was unable to locate her purse and believes she may have left her car unlocked and that someone stole her purse, which had her driver's license, social security card, both of her children's social security cards, a credit card and her insurance card in it.

Police gave the woman a report number and also told her to call back with any additional information if she thinks of anything that could held in this case.