A local pastor set to stand trial in October for a felony battery case recently picked up three misdemeanor assault charges along with a misdemeanor domestic battery charge.

Michael "Derek" Jones, was charged with third-degree domestic battery, a Class A misdemeanor, and three counts of third-degree assault on a family or household member following an early morning incident on May 11.

This follows an ongoing felony battery case in which Jones allegedly attacked a close family member shortly after midnight on July 13, 2017.

Regarding latest charges, third-degree assault on a family or household member, is a Class C misdemeanor and is punishable by up to 30 days in jail and carries a fine up to $500. If he is found guilty, Jones could serve up to one year in jail for the domestic battery charge, which also carries a fine up to $2,500.

Jones is the current lead pastor at the Sold Out Church, located at 1105 Deer St. in Conway.

According to an incident report dated May 11, Jones called the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office shortly before 1 a.m. because he was concerned about a family member. He told authorities the two got into an argument at that he was worried about this person after she left the residence, noting they had been drinking and that the family member was intoxicated.

Before authorities made it to the area, Jones called back, "stating his [the family member] made it home [safe] and wanted to cancel the call." However, this person called police "crying and advised there was a physical altercation."

In a statement to FCSO deputies, she told police she and Jones were arguing "over Facebook" and that at one point during the argument, "he grabbed her hair and then she went outside and tried to leave."

"She stated he began hitting the window of the vehicle as she was leaving ... [and] he called her telling her he called the cops and for her to come back home," the incident report reads in part.

According to the incident report taken by FCSO, Jones repeatedly began screaming at his family member as she attempted to speak with authorities about the incident.

While attempting to talk with Jones about the incident, he reportedly became "uncooperative and [was] acting belligerent," the report states.

He was ultimately charged with disorderly conduct at that point and taken to the county jail. A few hours later, authorities were called back out to the Jones' residence.

The incident report states Jones attacked the same family member and others in the home and triggered concern from neighbors, who called authorities to report "a male and female were fighting in the front yard" of the Jones' residence.

As sheriff's deputies arrived on scene, they were met by the woman, who "was outside crying."

The 29-year-old woman showed authorities a video that reportedly showed violence. In her statement, she said Jones attacked her, grabbing her neck and pushing her down to the ground.

Three juveniles also were on the property at the time of the incident, according to FCSO reports.

Jones was taken back to the county jail, where he allegedly threatened the arresting officer.

"At Unit [2], Mr. Jones had a poor attitude and told me he could not wait to see me out of uniform," the deputy wrote in his report.

Online records show Jones is scheduled to appear in district court Monday for the disorderly conduct charge and on July 9 for the domestic charges.

The Log Cabin Democrat has been following Jones' case since he was initially arrested in July 2017.