A Cabot man accused of manslaughter in the March strangulation death of a Texas man maintains his innocence.

Jacob Isaac Tschopp, 31, is charged with manslaughter after 24-year-old Austin Michael Dodson was strangled to death at a three-day music festival in Greenbrier.

Tschoop, who appeared before Circuit Judge Charles "Ed" Clawson Jr. on Tuesday, pleaded not guilty to the aforementioned allegations. He is set to appear next in circuit court at 9 a.m. July 13 for a pretrial hearing.

Anthony Paul Flick, a 34-year-old MMA instructor, was initially pinpointed as the key suspect in Dodson's death. He has since been charged with and pleaded not guilty to aggravated assaulted for his alleged involvement in the 24 year old's strangulation.

Charges against Flick and Tschopp stem from a March 17 incident at the Flux Family Festival — a three-day music festival that was held March 16-18 at the Cadron Creek Outfitters. Authorities were first alerted that something was wrong minutes after Dodson was allegedly strangled. However, his death was not ruled a homicide until a state medical examiner later determined foul play was a factor.

According to a probable cause affidavit, authorities initially thought Dodson may have died of a drug overdose. However, following the medical examiner’s report, they learned he was strangled to death.

″[The medical examiner] reported he suspects the cause of death is from choke-hold strangulation due to the hemorrhaging of the neck,” the affidavit reads in part.

Investigators were able to obtain surveillance footage from outside of the Cadron Creek Outfitters that showed several individuals pull up in a utility task vehicle (UTV) before getting in a heated argument with the victim.

“On the video, a crew cab utility vehicle is seen pulling into camera view,” the affidavit reads. “Three individuals exit the front seat of the UTV and two exited out of the back seat of the UTV, leaving the victim seated alone in the back seat of the UTV. The victim, Mr. Dodson, is seen having a conversation with Mr. Flick. It is observed [that] Mr. Flick’s body language becomes aggressive and he removes Mr. Dodson from the back seat of the UTV by grabbing the back of his head and forcefully taking him to the ground.”

In the video, investigators watched as Flick allegedly places Dodson in a choke hold for about 13 seconds before Dodson fell to the ground. When the 24-year-old victim tried to get back up he was “immediately forced back to the ground and restrained by two other unknown security staff members while Mr. Flick is seen motioning for a third unknown man to leave the area of the scene.” At this point, Flick left the scene to grab the sheriff’s deputy who was at the top of the hill. While he was away, he had two other men keep Dodson on the ground.

According to a statement by Jason Malonson, who was one of the security members Flick told to restrain Dodson, a man named “Jake,” later identified as Tschopp, held the victim down until Dodson defecated himself.

“Malonson said as soon as Mr. Dodson tried to get up again, the other security staff member that he only knows as ‘Jake,’ immediately got on top of Mr. Dodson and began to restrain him,” the deputy wrote in his report. Malonson said ‘Jake’ was on Mr. Dodson’s upper back area close to his head. I asked Malonson if ‘Jake’ had Mr. Dodson in a choke hold and he told me it is possible but he couldn’t really tell how he was holding him from the position he was at during the several minutes ‘Jake was on top of him. Malonson told me ‘Jake’ got off of Mr. Dodson when they noticed he defecated in his pants.”

Flick and Tschopp are each currently free on $50,000 bonds.