Hometown: Cabot      Spouse: Mandy Green

Children: Lawson, 3 years; Brecken, 7 months

Occupation: Financial Advisor at Centennial Bank

Fun Fact: Tommy plays wood bat, fast pitch baseball for The Pirates in The Men’s Senior Baseball League of Central Arkansas. They are the defending champs.

What’s the last music you listened to as a family while driving? 

LCD Soundsystem-All My Friends


What’s your guilty pleasure?

I’ve been known to eat an entire large pepperoni with jalapeños from US Pizza in one sitting.


What’s the one thing in your home you want to get rid of but that your spouse won’t allow?

Too much floral decor!


Who is your favorite animated character?



What are you most passionate about?

Playing baseball. I am still playing at age 37.

What is the furthest you’ve been from home and why?

Turks & Caicos. Vacation 2016.


Do you prefer mountains or the beach?



Who do you most admire?

My wife, Mandy. Her ability to juggle a demanding work schedule and care for our two boys with so much love definitely deserves my admiration.


Which is your favorite restaurant in town?

Fire & Stone in Cabot


Is your family more Elvis or Beatles?




Who is the better driver?



Who is the calmest?

Definitely me


What is your family’s favorite hobby?

Lake Hamilton in the summer 


Where do you go to church?

Cabot United Methodist Church 


What is your favorite memory as a family?

This past Mother’s Day. It was warm enough for us to swim in the pool as a family. Our 7 month old loves the water already!