Our previous home was all neutral. There was beige everywhere. If you read this magazine last month and saw my laundry room, you know that I’m starting to stray far from neutral. I love bringing color into our home and lamps are an easy way to do that. I went to to a local thrift store and found four inexpensive lamps to transform.

I got four lamps and they had all seen better days. Unfortunately, I was unable to salvage the lamp shades. They were all too dirty and torn and I wanted different shapes anyway. So I kept the shades long enough to take before pictures and then they all went in the trash.

A couple of things you need to make sure you do before you start your lamp makeover:

1. Make sure the lamp works. You don’t want to waste time on a broken lamp.

2. Clean it! You can paint dust, but why would you?

Now let’s get started. Matte chalk paint has been in vogue for years, and I’ve used it many times, but shiny paints are back and I’m so glad! I used lacquer and metallic paint on these lamp bases.




Pretty in Pink

We’ll start with these two beauties. Well, I’m sure they used to be beauties, but those days are well behind them. But we’re going to fix that. You’ll notice that these two lamp shades are far too short for the tall lamp. You can see the light bulb hardware. Good thing they’re already in the trash.


Supplies for the base:

Spray Primer

Amy Howard Lacquer Spray Paint


Supplies for the Shade:

Fabric for lamp shade

Styrene Sheet

Wire lamp shade rings


Quick Dry Fabric Glue

Scissors or spiral fabric cutter

Tape Measure

The base of this lamp was really easy. First, I used a spray primer to cover the base of the lamp. I then used Amy Howard’s lacquer spray paint in Begonia. I applied two coats. I love the bright pink! I was really happy with this paint.

I knew the type of shade that I wanted, but I could not find the right size! I picked up a couple shades from a local store, but I didn’t like them. So I decided to make a lamp shade. This was not what I had planned. I just wanted to buy a shade and glue some cute ribbon to the bottom.

But after researching a bit, I found that it isn’t too hard to make your own lamp shade. So I tried it, and it worked! I was so excited!

This isn’t an overly difficult project, but it does take several steps. If you want to try it yourself, there are more pictures and a link to the video that I used on my blog. Doesn’t it look so happy with a pink base and a cork lampshade?!




A Girly Girl Lamp

I needed a new lamp for my daughter’s room because her lamp gets knocked off the table about once a month and it was beginning to look like my thrift store finds. I found a lamp that I loved online, but it was $200, so I decided to recreate it by recovering her current lamp shade with white fabric and using acrylic paint to paint a similar design. I also used liquid gold leaf to paint the inside of the lamp shade. My daughter thought that was the coolest!


Supplies Needed:

Spray primer

Modern Masters gold paint

Liquid gold leaf

White fabric


Quick dry fabric glue


Superhero Lamp

My boys have been asking for a lamp forever because their sister has one; however, they’re the main culprits of knocking lamps over in the house. So $12 was about all I was prepared to spend on a lamp for their room. This was so easy to do!


Supplies Needed:

Spray Primer

Lacquer Spray Paint

Lamp Shade (link on the blog)


The spray paint that I used came from a local discount store and worked a little better than the expensive Amy Howard paint that I used. I like the Amy Howard colors, but if you can find a cheaper version in a color that you like, go for it! My boys share a room and they were thrilled with this lamp that matches the paint on their walls.

I hope these projects have inspired you! If you’re thinking about adding some color, lamps are an easy way to do it! Happy painting!

If you want more details on this DIY, you can go to TheMajesticMama.com/winc.