A Missouri man topped 165 mph as he led authorities on a high-speed chase Sunday from Greenbrier to Clinton.

Online records show 31-year-old Cody Lawrence Hall of Ava, Missouri, was charged with first-degree fleeing along with several traffic violations following the evening chase.

A Greenbrier officer was patrolling Highway 65 when he noticed a motorcycle "speeding 10 mph over the speed limit" at 7:03 p.m. Sunday, according to an incident report.

As the officer pulled up behind the white 2012 R6L Yamaha crotch rocket, he noticed the motorcycle also did not have a license plate.

The driver of the motorcycle, later identified as Hall, immediately fled the officer, weaving into the turning lane and speeding off at 125 mph.

"As I pulled out from my stationary location, I saw the driver look back and drive into the turning late at a high rate of speed, blowing the red light at Wilson Farm [Road]," the responding Greenbrier officer wrote in his report. "My blue lights and siren were turned on and I observed the bike blow every red light and run speeds in access of 125 mph through Greenbrier city limits."

As the officer chased after the fleeing motorcycle, the speeding bike turned onto Highway 25 before he hastily turned onto back roads that looped him back onto Highway 65 where he continued fleeing authorities until the Van Buren Sheriff's Office ultimately stopped him in Clinton.

"The bike then took HWY 25 north and ran reckless speeds in access of 120 mph before turning onto Blackjack [Road] where it ran reckless speeds around 100 mph, then turning on more back roads running reckless speeds and then returning to HWY 25, driving reckless to the Woodridge neighborhood ... [and] back out to U.S. Highway 65, cutting through the Exxon [parking] lot [and] nearly striking a vehicle [while] trying to exit," the incident report reads in part.

After cutting through the gas station parking lot and making his way back to the main highway, the suspect reportedly fled Greenbrier authorities at 150 mph.

Van Buren County authorities jumped into the pursuit and were able to box in the suspect motorcycle on a dead-end street in Clinton.

Body camera footage provided by the Clinton Police Department shows Hall was stopped at the dead-end street by the Clinton Water Treatment Plant.

"Van Buren County jointed in the pursuit and got him boxed in on a dead end street surrounded by the lake," the incident report reads in part.

Following his arrest, Hall reportedly admitted he reached speeds of at least 168 mph "multiple times."

Hall, who was still behind bars in lieu of a $5,280 bond as of press time Monday, is scheduled to appear in Greenbrier District Court at 8:30 a.m. July 17 for a pretrial hearing regarding the aforementioned case.

Alex Kienlen of the Van Buren County Democrat contributed to this article.