From Conway Police Department reports

Woman falls victim to scam

A 46-year-old woman reportedly fell victim to an online scam last week.

The woman told police on Friday that she an inquired about a loan online and that a man named Bryan Scott was working with her to set up an account.

"She stated that she had inquired about a loan on the interent at," the incident report reads in part. "She stated that a Bryan Scott contacted her in reference to her loan ... [and] that he sent here a check and had her to deposit it in her bank account and once she did, [she was told to] send him the money back to verify [the account] was working."

Following failed attempts to send the $950 over to Scott, the woman was reportedly instructed to put the money on "powered credit cards, for downloading music."

After loading $950 onto cards and sending the info to Scott, the 46-year-old woman "realized this was a scam" and that now "she need[ed] the report for her bank."

Walmart employees accused of stealing

Two former Walmart employees have been accused of stealing money from the store prior to their firing.

A Walmart manager contacted Conway police Friday morning to file separate theft reports on two former employees.

Records show that Kaleb Humphrey and Demarcus Murphy are accused of collectively stealing $471 and a recliner.

As she filed the report against the ex-employees, the Dave Ward Drive store manager said Humphrey took $131 over a period of months, taking money from the cash registers on four separate occasions while also stealing a Nintendo Switch controller and returning it for a fraudulent refund. In her report, she also noted Humphrey allegedly "rang up a $169 recliner but didn't pay for it, and then had the recliner loaded into his vehicle and took it home."

"[The store manager] gave me several papers detailing the incident, including a statement from Kaleb," the officer wrote in his report.

Murphy is accused of stealing $340 by taking money from cash registers four separate times in May.

Morrilton man jailed on suspicion of theft by receiving

A 21-year-old Morrilton resident was jailed in the Faulkner County Detention Center Friday morning.

Avery Donald IV was driving a GMC pickup truck along Washington Avenue when he was pulled over at the intersection of Hunter Street around 10:30 a.m. Friday.

According to an incident report, a Conway officer initiated the traffic stop because the license plate on the truck returned to a Ford Taurus.

While speaking with the officer, the 21-year-old driver said he did not not have his driver's license on him and further explained the truck was new and provided the officer with the bill of sale and insurance paperwork. As the officer spoke with Donald, one of the passengers "advised he had an AR type rifle between his legs and stated it was unloaded." After confirming the gun was not stolen, the officer placed the gun on the trunk "for safety concerns."

As officers identified the passengers inside the truck, they learned one of the passengers, 51-year-old Shana Volz, had an active warrant out of Morrilton.

"I ran the above persons through ACIC and all were clear of any history except Volz, who had a warrant out of Morrilton PD," the incident report reads in part. "Morrilton PD was contact[ed] via terminal message and they advised they could not extradite."

The officer ultimately arrested Donald because the tags on the truck showed to be stolen out of Morrilton. Donald was charged with theft by receiving and taken to the county jail following the traffic stop.